Red wallet from Tommy Hilfiger

Red Wallets: Perfect for Every Women

What pass through your mind when you see a woman with red wallet?

Probably you will think that she’s very elegant and whealty woman, right?

Wouldn’t you want to look the same with one red wallet in your hand?

Since start of the fashion red color was dominating in almost every type of clothes and accessories especially for women. It is same case when we talk about wallets and it is maybe most popular color for women.

Red wallets can be combined with different dresses and with casual clothes as well. And what’s most important, it fits very well whatever type or color of clothes it is. Wallets are usually most used for casual clothes so in this list we will mostly include them for that but great thing about color accessories is that one model can be used for different occasions.

Price range will be different and there will be some cheap but also there are some more expensive. Usually price of these wallets is about 20 dollars but every model will be different and different type of the material play big role in determining the price. Also, there will be some branded wallets whit great design and quality.

We will include different types of the wallets as well but most of them will be long with a lot of space for cards, cash, IDs, papers, notes and so on. These type of the wallets are the best sellers and most of the women like to use them.

We will include some innovative wallets and some small and thin which saves you a lot of space. Well let’s start the list of the best red wallets on the market.

NOTE: Link may navigate you to some other color but there is red color,  just pick it.


Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Red Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger is world famous brand in producing different types of accessories, clothes, footwear and so on. They produce high quality wallets with great design as well. This model absolutely deserves to open this list.

Although it is branded price is reasonable and in my opinion affordable for this quality. It is long wallet with dimensions 7″ x 4″ which gives it large space where you can store almost everything you want. It has 8 cards slots, 1 window ID, several slip pockets and even 3 slots for bills.

If you use a smaller and thinner phone for instance iPhone 6 than you can store it in one department for bills. I found this very helpful because sometimes you need to go outside with phone and wallet but you do not want to take your bag. It is made from different type of high quality canvas. You can use it with different clothes especially because red color is usual color for women. Design and well organized interior are main features of this wallet. We will take a look at the some pros and cons.


  • Very qulity wallet
  • Well design, logo on the front side
  • Has a lot of capacity
  • Zip closure
  • It’s not made from leather
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Buxton Heiress Ensemble Clutch

When it comes to elegance, quality and price Buxton is great brand for every accessory. This model is one of the high sold on amazon and it has many reviews. Main features are design, space and good materials. Space is one of the things that impressed me.

There are different pockets and many slots where can be stored not only everything you want, also as much as you want. It is zip around and button lock at the same tame. For IDs and credit cards there is easy to access button lock that is very helpful in the rush or when you need your cards instantly.

On the other hand there is zip around departments for cash, coins and more credit cards or papers. You can even put your phone in it because it has pretty big dimensions 7.25″ x 3.75″. Different materials are used in manufacturing like polyurethane, leather and nylon. Those materials are very popular for manufacturing long wallets.

  • Very big capacity
  • Zip around closure
  • Easy access to ID
  • Great price for everyone
  • Not genuine leather
  • A little bit bulky
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Leather Small Purse with Zipper

After two longer wallets it is time to put one smaller to this list. We decided to put this simple red leather small purse from relatively young and not famous as previous two brands, Kalmore. It is made from 100% genuine leather that makes it very durable and very stylish. Dimensions are very small and compact 4.25″ x 3.25″  and it is even smaller than most of the men bifolds.

It is a little bit bulky 1.5 ” but most of the women keep their wallets in the bag so it will not present any problem. Two zipper closings allows you to well organize your cards, cash, IDs and coins. There is a lot of space for cards even 14 slots and all of them are protected with RFID technology.

One zipper is used for cards and IDs while the other is used for coins and cash with small slot for one credit card. Price is very low and it is one of the most affordable wallets on this list.

  • Small and well designed
  • RFID blocking system
  • Two zipper
  • Affordable price
  • Has enough space for everything
  • A little bit bulky
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Yaluxe Small Bifold Wallet

A lot of the women like small wallets that does not take too much space and they still need to be slim and thin. It is harder to find this kind of the wallet but we put an effort and find it at very reasonable price with very good quality.

This wallet is made by genuine leather inside and outside. Dimensions are very small 4.2 ” x 3.75″ which is my opinion the smallest possible dimensions for the wallet. There are some smaller credit card wallets and holders but we did not include it in this post. Because of its dimensions it does not have to many slots, to be precise only 6 credit card slots including one ID window and cash department.

We especially like zipper closure for coin pocket and it’s one of the rare wallets with zippered coin holder. You will love it after using it.

This capacity is in my opinion enough for regular user. This leather is very soft and it is very smooth and holding it is satisfying. Only disadvantage of this wallet is because it is not from popular brand but it affected on the price which is very affordable.

  • Small and slim design
  • Real soft leather
  • Zippered coin holder
  • Very cheap price
  • Not very popular
  • Cannot store too much- small capacity
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Fossil Emma Large Zip

This wallet comes from very popular brand among the wallets, Fossil. If you want to check other branded wallet check it in our brands category, you will surely like it.  Let’s get back to this model.

Fossil wallet comes with really large amount of the space and you can store up to 12 cards and lot of the bills or some important papers. Although usually zip around wallets has only one pocket where you store your documents, but this one  especially has additional side pocket where you can store some common used stuff. Great thing with that side pocket is that it has zip closure, so you can store anything important to you there. Also, it is often used as a coin pocket, but you can use for whatever you want.

I want to note that this wallet in my opinion  has the best quality on this list. There are bunch of reasons for that but main is high quality leather and great design. Leather is very smooth and carefully prepared so it is very hard to damage. Fossil put an effort to make quality interior and they did it very well. Every corner is stitched and leather on the corners is folded which gives even more durability. There are few shades of the red that gives this wallet uniqueness and great design.

Fossil wallet has RFID protection which protects you from electronic signal which could steal your data from your cards. Maybe you won’t like only 3 card slots in wallet, buthowever  you can put them in one of the large pocket.

  • High quality leather
  • Beautiful design with color variation
  • Lot of capaccity to store everything
  • Side pocket with easy acces
  • Three zipper
  • RFID protection
  • Only 3 card slots
  • Not very affordable price
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Guess Bobbi Large Zip Around

Guess is brand that cannot be wrong decision especially when you are buying one particular color wallet like this time red. This one is long type wallet with zip around closing. Design can fit both to casual clothes and for some dresses.

Previous wallet was similar to this one but they have some differences and main difference is in the red shade. This is a little bit brighter with very unique leather that has texture with striking but still small lines. On the front surface there is stainless steel Guess logo that makes this wallet special with this red shade. There is a lot of the space for everything you want and it is almost impossible to fill it all the way. In my opinion this wallet is best for the dresses on this list and many women already approved it.

Inside of the wallet is beige leather that is smoother than outside and it can last long. It is branded and price is also a little bit higher but it is affordable when you compare it with other Guess models.

  • Guess logo gives him luxurios design
  • Elegant and fit everything
  • Plenty of capacity
  • Three zipper
  • Side pocket for easy acces
  • Top quality and durability
  • Bulky when it’s full loaded
  • High price
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Shagwear Clutch Wallet with Printing

For every women that who like interesting printings on the wallets this will probably interest them. It is long wallet with dimensions  7.5″ x 3.5″. We decide to put this one into the list because everyday there are some new wallets with interesting design and patterns. We have article of cute wallets for women but anyway we wanted to add this one because it has different patterns and designs in the red color.

This Shagwear wallet is made from PU leather which is most common material for this kind of wallet because printing is much easier on this material than on the genuine leather and price is lower as well. It has a lot of space for cards and cash but still it is not too bulky, in fact it is slim for this type of the wallets. Magnet closure with paw printing on it will successfully hold your documents from falling out. Overall, this wallet is very well made with very interesting design that will attract everyone attention.

We need to mention big capacity with even 11 card slot plus one ID window. If you carry a lot of cards this could be your perfect wallet. Like in other ones, this one has also one large cash pocket where you can put your phone. When it’s opened, on the right fold in the right upper cornes there is Shagwear logo which gives him better design.

All in all this wallet could be perfect for younger ladies and here comes one thing that we don’t like at all. Because of printing on the front size it looks like a wallet for child, not for older womens. But if you are a lover of cartoons and want to feel younger, go with this one.

  • Cute design with Shagwear logo
  • Slim wallet
  • Plenty of storage- 11 card slots
  • Magnetic button closure
  • Affordable price
  • Unique wallet
  • Not genuine leather
  • Looks childish
  • Only one cash pocket
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Hobo Vintage Lauren Wallet

In this list we covered almost every type of red wallets except vintage. So now is the time for one very interesting vintage wallet that will probably attract you if you like any vintage accessories.

This wallet is great for different type of party’s, it can be combined with different dresses and everyone will be impressed with your wallet. Genuine leather is only material and it is protected with different preparations that keeps its original shine.

Design is pretty much simple and it is same as other vintage wallets it has bulky body with kiss lock closure on the top. Although it is vintage it is modified a little bit so you can easily store your cards, IDs and cash as well.  Because, it is made from very popular vintage accessories brand Hobo price is a little bit higher and makes this wallet most expensive on this list. To summarize up, quality of wallet is great, design is great, it is practical and if you like vintage accessories i recommend you Hobo Vintage Lauren Wallet otherwise check previous ones.

Maybe the problem with this Hobo wallet is that it becomes bulky when it’s full loaded, but because od it very big capacity it’s hard to be full. After this wallet it will be hard to get used to some different wallet.

  • High quality wallet
  • Large capacity
  • Vintage design
  • Very elegant and luxurious
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Zippered pockets
  • It’s very expensive
  • Only 3 card slot
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Here you have the list of some best and most unique red wallets and I hope you like at least one of them. We included different types of the wallets in different price ranges so anyone can find for their budget and of course for their style. Red color of the wallet is probably most popular for women because most of the women like red.

All of these wallets are made very well and they are high quality products. Some of them are branded and little bit expensive but they have many advantages in both design and durability. Other are maybe from less popular brands but they have great reviews and customers are satisfied with them.

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