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Cute wallets for girls and women

Every women or girl sometimes want to have some cute and special accessories. Those accessories can be different including bags, backpacks, watches and so on. Today we are going to present you different cute wallets for girls and women. Also, our goal in this article is to find wallet as much as cheaper so everyone can afford it. Mainly there will be wallets under 20 bucks and some of them will be even 10 dollars. Quality does not have to be top-notch because you will not probably use it often, only in special occasions or with specific clothes.

Most of these wallets is made from genuine leather or PU leather and it will serve you well for some times. We will include here different types like bifold, trifold, small, mini wallets, etc. It is recommended for girls to have some backup wallet that will attract everyone attention. Let’s check out the list.


Damara Kiss-Lock Walletcute-kiss-lock-wallet

We choose this wallet to begin the list it is not too cute but it has one very special detail. It is not too much big so you do not need to carry it in the bag. Price is a little bit higher than 10 bucks which makes it insanely cheap. Price in most of the cases determines quality and it is not made from genuine leather, instead is made from faux leather. This type of leather is fabric made and it is commonly used for wallets manufacturing. Although, this wallet is pretty small it has even 11 card slots, with two additional slots one for ID document and second for coins. One of the uniqueness is kiss lock on the top of the wallet that makes it cute and nice. Also there is small heart shaped metal on the front surface. If you like some “non-standard” colors you don’t need to worry because you can order it in even seven colors.

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Nawoshow Long Zipper Purse

Nawoshow is a long wallet with very interesting design and look. Sizes are nawashow-long-zipper-walletstandard for long wallet 7.5 ” x 3.5″. It can be carried on in different ways but most commonly in the bag. If you like cats then you will surely consider buying this wallet because it has 3 printed cats pattern on the background which makes it cute. Zipper closure keeps your money, cards and documents safe from falling out. You can store many bills because it has 2 cash holders and even 11 card slots with additional slots for coins, photos and IDs.  It is made from very quality faux leather that will last long without any damages. You can find this wallet in five different colors and choose your favorite.

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Cartoon Fashion Long Wallettotor-fashion-cute-walllet

If you like cartoons and anime then you will maybe like this wallet. It is long wallet with pattern of Totoro anime. It is mostly made by fabric materials so it does not contain leather or similar materials. It is under 20 bucks and it is perfect for gift. A lot of slots and space allows you to fill it with different stuff. You can put even your cell phone in the largest pocket which I found like advantage especially when you do not carry your bag. It has many slots for cards, ID and even papers. You can order this wallet in 5 different color and find most adorable print for you or your friend.

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Indressme Women Walletindressme-cute-long-wallet

This is one of the best wallets in this article. We cannot say it is the cutest because everyone has different style but if we look at quality then we can say it is one of the best. It has different features like good quality, interesting design, lot of space and RFID blocking technology. It is made from faux leather and most of these cute wallets with different prints are made from faux leather because it allows easy coloring and painting. Trifold wallets allows you to put in them many stuffs including your cell phone and papers. More than 10 card slots and 2 ID holders will be enough for every woman. I like wallets like this because they are cheap so you can buy more than one and change it every day or week. It will last long and protect your data with powerful RFID. If you like design you should consider of buying this wallet.

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ETIAL Women Vintage Mini Walletetial-vintage-cute-wallet

If you like small wallets with vintage look then this wallet from Etial can attract your attention. It is very  small wallet 4.5″ x 3.5″ and it is not even too bulky. You can store here pretty much everything in 5 card holders, pocket for coins, ID holder and of course in bill compartment.  If you want to surprise your girl or friend you should consider of buying them wallet like this. I do not this wallet if you bring a lot of cash or cards with you. Do not forget it has only 5 card slots and 1 bill compartment that cannot store too many bills. It will not take too much space in your purse what is one of the best features of small wallets. Maybe this wallet should not be your primary wallet but for change this is good choice with its cute design.

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SeptCity Womens Wallet Cuteseptcity-long-cute-wallet

There is another cute wallet from SeptCity company. It is long wallet with flower patterns and brown lock. If you carry plenty of the stuff in your wallet this one is good for you because you can put over 10 cards. Great thing about this wallet is 2 separated cash compartments. I said it is great because you can store in one of them your phone and in the other cash. You can easily access to most common card used without unlocking the zip only the button that is helpful in the rush. If you are limited with the money do not worry, it is very cheap. With seven different colors you will surely find your favorite. Quality PU leather guarantee you long use.

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Women Clutch Wallet PJS-MAX

Interesting patterns and colors are always attractive to women for accessories especially for wallets. With this wallet you can have all of it. It is very cheap and you can get it under 15 bucks in 14 different colors and patterns. If you like interesting designs, unique accessories then you will probably consider this wallet for shopping. Quality is pretty much as every cheap wallet so it is made from PU leather. Because it is long wallet you can fill it with almost everything you want including 8 credit cards, 2 lots for cash and one compartment for phone up to 5.5 inches. Thing that I like the most about this wallet is that you do not have to carry your purse when you are going outside, everything can be stored in it.

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Cute Owl Printing Wallet

Owls are one of the cutest animals and their print can be found on different women clothes including bags, t-shirts, hoodies and wallets as well. In my opinion animal print on the wallet is very interesting and it will attract everyone attention. That is one of the reason why we include it in this article. Price is affordable and it can be really good as a gift especially when you have limited budget. As every long wallet this one can store many things and you do not need to worry about space. Zipper lock allows this wallet to stay slim and lightweight so you can carry it in the bag or simply in the hand.  If you like cute animal prints then this wallet might be on your shopping list.

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Indressme Bifold ID Wallet

Small wallets are one of the most commonly used because they are lightweight and you can carry it easily. A lot of people do not carry too many stuffs in their wallets and if you are one of them then this wallet can be good for you. It is very small so you can store only 2 credit cards, one ID document and of course cash. It comes with additional lanyard so you can use it as identification card holder. It is available in 6 different colors so you can easily find one that fits to your clothes. Colors are mostly light and wallet will not be striking. Indressme makes really good wallets and almost every of them are affordable as this. I think this is one of the best cheap slim wallets for women.

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Cute wallets are good in different occasions and every girl can use it. Those wallets are really cheap and you can buy it as a backup wallet. It can be good gift for everyone especially for your friends because of price and of course design. You probably know what kind of stuff your friend like and you can search for that patterns and prints. Also, you should have few of these in the summer so you can combine it with different types of clothes. Some of the wallets can replace your bag because you can put bunch of stuff in it and most important you can store your phone. Materials of these wallets are not usually expensive because printing would be really hard so manufacturers needs to make it from customized materials like PU and faux leather.

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