Best Credit Card Wallets for Women 2018

credit cardsIt wouldn’t make sense to have a lot of cards and don’t have good wallet to store them, right?

With that out of the way, some of the fashion brands like Kate Spade, Yaluxa, Calvin Klein and others, found a way to expose their products to all women.

In this post we will discuss about credit card holders and credit card wallets for women and we will make ultimate guide for choosing proper wallet.

Credit card holders are great type of the wallets for organizing not only your cards, yet IDs and sometimes even checks or important papers.

We will try to include as many different models as we can and point out some of their pros and cons. Also, there will be different price ranges from cheap with price about 15$ up to some branded where price can be over 100$.

If you are interested in these type of wallets for men there is article about them as well, you can check our homepage or men category.

Although, this is specific category there are different type of the wallets. For instance there are some large bifold organizers whit easy access to any card but there are some small cases that can hold large amount of cards and still they fit to any pocket.

We will help you with choosing right type of credit card wallet by including some of the best sellers with different designs but the final decision is on you, we hope you will find proper one for your needs. Before our every list we write something about most used materials and for these wallets most popular material is leather and second most popular is aluminum. Check out our comparsion table below.

Card slotsPrice
Yaluxe holderGenuine Cowhide leatherYesUp to 20 cardsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Buxton holderGenuine leatherNo6 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Gintaxen holderNappa leatherYes6 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Kate Spade holderCow leatherNo2 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Lodis HolderSmooth genuine leatherNo1 large pocketCHECK PRICE NOW!
Aeccez holderItalian cowhide leatherYes20 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
IMS holderLeather with aluminiumYes6 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Kalmore walletGenuine leatherYes14 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Secrid holderLeather and aluminiumYes12 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Calvin Klein walletSaffiano leatherNo6 pocketsCHECK PRICE NOW!

Credit Card Organizer by Yaluxe

– Best for multi card organisation with zippered pocket

For first wallet on this list we decided to take credit card organizer from Yaluxe company. Main reasons for that are design, popularity and because it is very good wallet. It belongs to category of long card holders with 7.5″ x 4″ dimensions.

With those dimensions, it can store up to 20 cards with no problem at all and even better thing is they are well organized and access to every card is very easy. Cards slots are sorted horizontal and wide of the wallet is a little bit bigger than credit card. Therefore you won’t have any problem puting cards into pockets.

Another reasons why we open this list with this credit are two additional slots. One of them is zippered and it provides better security for you, it’s primary intended  for storing your phone and there can be stored phones with dimensions like Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6. Second slot is open and  you can put bills or your notes into it, also it perfectly fits for dollars.

There is lock button on the ends of each fold which means nothing will fall out from wallet, so you can stay safe all the time. If you ask yourself about quality and material of Yaluxe wallet, there’s no worry at all. It is made of genuine cowhide leather to be soft and comfortable with very luxurious looking.

If you are bored with just one color and want something corolful here is one thing that will like almost every woman. It has many different colors  available in stock, even 13 different colors, so you can find any color you want.

And when it comes to security, Yaluxe took care about that. There is very quality RFID blocking system that protects data from your cards.

  • Big capacity- 20 card slots, 2 additional pockets
  • 13 different colors
  • RFID blocking system
  • Genuine Cowhide soft leather
  • Long size

Check out the price and more pictures on the link below.

See the price

Buxton Thin Holder

– Best budget wallet with zipper and ID window

In case you want thin wallets then this model from Buxton might interest you. Buxton is very popular wallet brand that produces very quality wallets. Beside quality other great thing about their wallets is affordable price. This model comes in five different colors  and it is made from 100% leather. Also, lining material is 100% man made.

Well, everything good have something bad. Because of it thinness it cannot store too many cards, to be precise only 6 of them but for regular user in my opinion it is enough.

But don’t worry about space because this wallet also got 3 additional pockets. Great thing is side zip pocket where you can store even more things including phone or bills. You can also use it as a coin pocket and be without worries because zipper will prevent falling coin out. Note, you can store only smaller phones because dimensions are 6.5″x 3.2″ and every 5.2″ inch phone can regularly fit into it.

Beside zippered pocket, there is one pocket outside where you can put your notes or your money. Also, Buxton wallet has got one ID window also on exterior of the pocket, which provide you easy access and  may serve very well in many situation, like when you need to show your ID card to enter somewhere.

You can see from the image above that snap closure that keep up your cards from falling out. In my opinion this closure gives this wallet very powerful design and it looks like some vintage wallets.

Our only issue with Buxton wallet is that it’s not very flexible and it could have a few more card slots but never mind, let’s take a look at pros and cons of Buxton wallet.

  • Thin and modern wallet
  • 3 additional pocket- zippered pocket, ID window
  • Man made material lining
  • Snap closure
  • Great price for everyone
  • Not very flexible
  • Not so much card slots
See the price

Gintaxen Credit Card Holder

– Best budget front-pocket wallet with minimalistic design

After two bigger wallets now is turn for some smaller card holder. Here is one very small holder that does not take too much space but still it can store a few credit cards and cash.

This one comes from Gintaxen and we especially like its design and thinness. Gintaxen  card holder has measurements of 4.0 x 3-1/4 inches and has got 6 card slots, 3 of them are on front size where is Gintaxen logo, you can see that on the image. Other 3 slots are from behind. Also, there is one pocket in the middle where you can store your cash, notes or if you want you can put more cards into it.

If you hate having big bulky wallet in your back pocket, we recommend you this slim and elegant wallet from Gintaxen. It is made from high quality nappa leather which is in my opinion one of the best materials for wallet. Nappa leather is actually very soft and durable leather made from different types of the leather, which gaves to the wallet beatiful design and great feeling in your hands, you can read more about nappa leather here.

If color on the picture above is too striking for you, here’s one great thing for everyone, this card holder comes in 8 different colours, so everyone could find their favourite and pick one as their next wallet. These types of the wallets are very popular among peoples, they are in fact unisex.

We want to mention RFID blocking system that this card holder has. To those who don’t know, it’s when someone is pickpocketing you but not in old traditional way but with electronic signals which are stealing your data from your cards. Using this wallet will keep you safe from thieves nowadays.

Reasons why men use it often is because they rarely carry bag so they need some smaller wallet for pocket. If you also do not like huge wallets this one might be your right choice. Now let’s move on pros and cons of this holder, also you can check out more images and price from this wallet on the link below.

  • Minimalistic and slim
  • Beautiful design
  • Nappa cowhide soft leather
  • Front-pocket wallet
  • RFID blocking system
  • Unisex wallet with different colors
  • Very cheap price
  • Small amount of card slots
  • No zippered pocket
See the price

Kate Spade Credit Card Holder

– Best for travellers and for those who don’t need too much space

When it comes for choosing popular brand wallets for women then Kate Spade is one of the better choices. This brand is known worldwide and over 23 years they produce only high quality and well designed accessories including wallets. This model is suited for those who needs a little space or those who travels a lot.

These small holders like this one and previous are my favorite because they can be stored wherever you want. You can easily store 2-3 cards, ID and of course cash. Maybe it seems it is too small but this wallet is intended for going out when you do not need your bag or purse so you can carry your most important documents in your pocket.

That logo on the front side of the wallet gives luxurious looking to it. On other side there are 2 card slots and one main pocket in the middle for your receipts or cash. It is made from 100% cow leather with syntethic lining.

It is branded so the price is little bit higher but it is not too high if you decided to buy better brand wallet. It is available in 5 different colors and every of them looks very nice and they are not striking.

Well, we have objection to this wallet because it doesn’t have RFID blocking system and it’s a little bit unsecure. Also, some of you might not like only 2 card slots, but choice is on you. Let’s take a look on some of the pros and cons which we have adduced below.

  • Small and thin
  • Extra design with Kate Spade logo
  • Cow leather
  • Fits everywhere
  • Luxurious look
  • Few credit card slots
  • No RFID blocking
See the price

Lodis Audrey Mini Card Case

– Best for huge stock of credit cards, IDs or money

There is another small, compact and very stylish wallet. It comes from Lodis, a very popular brand in manufacturing women accessories. Design is very simple, there is card case with magnet closure and nothing else. It can hold up to 9 credit cards or IDs. Although it does not have any department for bills if you do not use cards you can put  a few bills or receipts.

Considering capacity of Lodis wallet, dimensions of wallet are just 4″ x 2.5″. It will perfectly fit anywhere and it won’t use a lot of room in any of your purses or backpacks. We found very great strong magnet closure which will not cause you any problem with closing your wallet. Although magnets are very strong, they won’t demagnetize the magnetic strips of your credit cards.

Material used for making this Lodis wallet is leather and there have been deployed different techniques to make leather durable, stylish and smooth. Although it is brand wallet it is not too expensive and it is in medium price range. Also, lining material is 100% man made. We want to mention very strong stitches on the ends of the wallet which will keep him very durable for many years.

This wallet is probably most durable on this list because it is very well made and feature for all card cases is durability. I highly recommend Lodis Audrey Mini Card Case for every women looking for small wallet with lot of space and good design.

At first, leather might be a little bit more stiff than it  needed to be, but by the time it will soften and everything will be allright. Also, it would be better if it had one extra pocket for something. Let’s see some pros and cons of this Lodis wallet below.

  • Nice look and color
  • Magnetic closure
  • Real soft and smooth leather
  • Man made material lining
  • Holds a lot of cards or bills
  • Elegant design
  • Only one pocket
  • Stiff leather at the begginning
See the price

Aeccez Long Multi Card Holder

– Best multi card holder with very big capacity and zipper

There is another multi card holder that has unique design and it comes from Aeccez. Although it is credit card wallet it has trifold design but not classic trifold yet long trifold. This shape allows storing not only cards yet money and phone. Dimensions are 7.9″ x 4″ and it is pretty much standard dimension for every long wallet.

It has zip closure in the middle pocket and two button closures on right and left sides. Wallet is very quality and that approves genuine leather imported from Italy and made from high quality cowhide leather. Out of all wallets on this list this one has the biggest space and you can store in it whatever you want.

It can even replace bag. You can store about 20 cards, checkbook, phone, bills, IDs and so on. Although, it has many slots it is not too bulky, actually it is very slim and you can check it on the pictures.

Beside its big capacity, this wallet has more features and of them is RFID  blocking system. We have previously writed about RFID so we assume that you are allready familiar with that. One thing that no other wallet on this list have, it is waterproof and it’s allready testet. You can stay safe if it falls into water or something else happens. We want also to mention zippered pocket where you can store your phone or your bills and it will fit with no problem.

I recommend this wallet for women who wants big wallet that can store more than 15 cards and other documents otherwise it will not be effective and I recommend you to check some smaller credit card wallets. With wallet comes also gift box and it could be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

If you don’t like some ankward designed wallet we recommend you not to go with this one, there are many others with ordinary design. If you are a lover of diferences and want to try a little bit different wallet from other then take this one. Below we will point out some pros and cons, let’s take a look.

  • Large amount of card slots and big capacity
  • Zippered pocket
  • Italian genuine leather
  • Waterproof tested
  • RFID and NFC blocking system
  • Gift box included
  • Button closure
  • Ankward design
  • Long size
See the price


Stainless-Leather Credit Card Case

– Best sturdy and safe wallet

Metal is often used material for manufacturing credit card cases but mostly for men and there are not some popular and nice looking holders for women. We have put some effort and we find one unisex metal card case that you might like.

Design is pretty much simple it has metal frames and leather in the middle. In case you are a huge fan of these wallets you will probably like it. There is not to many space but it has enough for regular user so you can store about 6 cards. If you want to keep your card data 100% safe then you should consider buying this wallet.

It has excellent RFID blocking system and there is no way to be stolen any information. Nowadays these types of robbery are very often and you want to be secure like everyone else. Well, that’s why this card holder is great.

Another great feature is lightweight. Although it is lightweight it protects your cards from bending or any kind of damage because it has very strong metal construction. Also you can use it as a front pocket wallet and it will fit any of your pockets. It’s very sturdy, made with high quality aluminium and stainless steel to be very durable. Dimensions are 3.75″ x 2.75″ so if you like to keep your wallet in the pocket this is very important feature.

If you have other card like IDs, driver licence or anything else, there’s no problem because this holder support different types of cards. And if you need to carry some cash with yourself, you can fold them and put inside one of the card slots. It is included gift box with well design, it can be used as a gift to someone.

Becaue it has metal  frame outside it has limited capacity, you only have 6 slots and you need to use them very wise if you have a lot of cards. Let’s take a look on pros and cons that we pointed out.

  • Small modern design
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Lighweight
  •  Excellent RFID blocking system
  • Gift box included
  • Unisex
  • Different types of cards supported
  • Limited capacity
See the price

Kalmore Leather Wallet

– Best small wallet with a plenty of storage for travellers

In case you are fan of small bulky wallets then you should check this one in detail. First of all features that we want to point out is price. Price is very affordable and it has about 1800 positive customer reviews which is the most on this list.

It is made from very quality genuine leather that comes in 8 different colors. It is one kind of zip around wallet but it actually has 2 zips. Although it is bulky it is not to large because dimensions are only 4.3″ x 3.5″ so it can be even carried in the hand. Two different departments allows you to easily organize your stuff, one is intended for cards and other one for cash.

It can hold up to 20 cards which is huge amount for this price. There is one extra pocket in credit cards department where you can put some important cards like IDs. There is RFID protection which is great feature for this price.

We really like design because it looks very cute at all. It’s a great wallet if you are a traveller and you use a plenty of different cards. Maybe some of you will not like thickness of wallet, but it’s actually very nice. You can put it wherever you want because of its small dimensions.

Great thing for every woman is big selection of different colors, so  if you want to check more images click on the link below where you can also see the price of it. For now, let’s move on the pros and cons below.

  • Small dimensions
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Big capacity
  • RFID blocking material
  • Big selection of colors
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Excellent price
  • A little bit bulky
See the price


Secrid Women Mini Wallet Case

– Best unique design wallet with easy access to the cards

Secrid is one of my favorite brands for credit card holders. Their design of these wallets is unique and very useful. First of all, it looks like ordinary case with button closure but when it is opened there is plenty of space where you can put cards and cash in organized slots.

It is one kind of trifold wallet but this trifold you probably never seen before. Although when it is opened it has barely 4 card slots it has card case where you can put about 8 additional cards. Access to these card is very easy and you even do not have to open it at all, you can access it on the top of the case, like you can see on the image above.

In my opinion this is the best multi card holder on the market. Only two colors are available black and yellow. If you like this type of design I suggest you to go with this wallet because it simply has everything what card holder should have. Secrid wallet is RFID protected wallet, your information are safe when they are within wallet.

For making this wallet they have used leather and solid aluminum, combining these two to make optimal wallet and card holder for everyone. It’s not very bulky, actually you can carry it as a front pocket wallet with no problem. Secrid wallet has got  very unique design like no one else has, you need to see it on images by yourself and you can do it clicking on the link below.

What might be issue with this is price of this Secrid wallet. It’s not very cheap and not everyone can afford this wallet to themselves, but if you are in a chance to afford one of these, we can be sure that you will be satisfied wtih the product. Now let’s go ahead and read some of the pros and cons of this wallet.

  • Modern look
  • Unique design
  • Easy access to the cards
  • RFID protection
  • Combination of genuine leather and solid aluminium
  • Multi card organisation
  • Not affordable price for everyone
See the price

Calvin Klein Saffiano Wallet

– Best branded wallet on this list with a big capacity

This list we will finish with very popular brand Calvin Klein. Although it is not classic credit card wallet we have to include it in this list because of great design. There are 5 different colors and every of them is custom made to perfectly fit with elegant clothes.

Although it seems like polyester this wallet is actually 100%  saffiano leather. Reason why it has such polyester lining is because polyester is much more elegant than classic leather while leather is much better than polyester. So Calvin Klein came up to great idea to make leather look like polyester which was absolutely hit.

Lining material is man made and that makes him more expensive than some other wallets. We want to point out double zipper which this wallets has, one exterior and one interior. In the main pocket with that another zipper around, you can easily store your phone without problems.

In my opinion this wallet has the best design and it is most suitable for women that wear elegant clothes. There is plenty of room inside of the wallet and you can store about 10 cards, coins, bills and additional cards in 4 slip pockets so when we sum this all it can hold more than 12 cards. Also it has one pocket on exterior which is a great place to store your notes or your receipts. It is very light and slim so it will be great choice for both hand or bag.

Brands like Calvin Klein and others popular brand are not always affordable to everyone and that might be issue with this wallet too, his high price limits its customers. Let’s dive deeper into the proc and cons of this Calvin Klein wallet.

  • Elegant  design
  • Saffiano leather
  • Man made lining
  • Big capacity- 6 pocket totally
  • Double zipper- 1 exterior, 1 interior
  • High quality
  • Not affordable price for everyone
  • Long size wallet
See the price


Here is the list of some most popular credit card wallets for women. We hope we at least help you find one wallet that you like. You have seen different types of the design and we think every women can find one that fits to her. If you are limited with budget there are some great models for under 15 bucks, some of them are even less than 10 but there are some brand wallets over 50 bucks.

If you prefer normal wallets for women, we recommend you to take a look at our post about red wallets. We hope you liked this post, be free to leave your opinion in the comment section below, we will appreciate that.

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