Brand wallets like every other accessories are popular since fashion began with developing. There are many pros to use branded wallets but main is quality. Every of those wallets are quality and they will last you long for sure.

There are affordable brands and luxury as well. Every brand has something unique and different. Some of them produce soft wallets, some of them slim, or some of them has unique colors.

Wallets are one of the most important accessories for every man and women. Because of that you should find yourself good branded wallets or even buy as gift for your dearest.

Branded Wallets for Men

Polo Ralph Lauren Wallets              Timberland Wallets              Tommy Hilfiger Wallets

Branded Wallets for Women

Buxton Wallets



Affordable Brand Wallets

Well everything has price and some of them are affordable but some of them are not. It is time how much you are willing to spend on the wallets so we can determine the price. In my opinion wallets from brand wallets from 20$ up to 50$ are affordable but many of them does not go over the 50$.

For this money you can buy very good wallet that will be made from very well materials. It is usually genuine leather and they are comfortable in the pocket. There are different types of the wallet as well bifold, trifold, money clip, card holder and so on. Up to 50 $ you can buy some great wallets and you can check list such as: Tommy Hilfiger Wallets or Timberland Wallets.

All of these brands are great and their price is very affordable and quality fulfill customers expectations. I recommend you to check them and see if you can find wallet that will fit you. If you have some accessories from these brands already and you are satisfied with them your choosing of the brand wallet will be much simplified.

Usual Price of Brand Wallets

This price range goes from 50 $ up to 150 $ and it is normal price of very quality brands. They are way better than previous wallets but price is higher. For this money you can buy for example very quality Polo Ralph Lauren wallets.

These wallets are very quality and very stylish so you can combine them with different types of clothes. Feature of the wallets in this price range is very soft leather that will perfectly fit to any pocket. More money mean more features, for instance many of bifold wallets comes with removable passcase.

Also, some of the cheaper models comes with passcase as well but this passcases can be used separately because much more effort is put into building it. So when you have need to use only cards and IDs you can go with it and you will save space in your pocket or bag. If you want to buy quality branded wallet in medium price range I recommend you to check some of these lists and brands.

Luxury Wallets

When someone say branded wallets we usually think about luxury wallets and we know it is expensive but how much? We will sort luxury wallets over 150$ and that price can be increased over 1000$ but it will be different from brand to brand.

Of course these wallets are the best in this list but price has huge impact on that. They are made from the best and most quality materials in the world, rare leather, leather that is produced on specific way and so on… Because they are good quality they can last long often more than 10 years but it will probably bore you so you will buy another one.

There are equally good wallets for both men and women and pretty much same brands are producing both type of wallets. Every luxury wallet can be used with elegant clothes and it is the most often use of these wallets. There are some specially designer wallets that are unique and it maybe fit to your style.

How to Choose Right Brand

Choosing the right brand is not that simple but we will give you here short guide. First of all you need to decide how much money you want to spend. Once you have decided now you can look which brands you can look. I recommend you to go through our lists that we have provided in the beginning of this post.

Also, there are of course men and women. Again, it depends on your style and every brand has something unique that might fulfill you. If you have not experienced with brands I recommend you to check out photos of the brands and you will see if you like one of them. Those price range can be lower and wallets are often on the sales even 60%.

For instance if you want to buy wallet for 100 bucks you can check luxury wallets as well and some of them can be on the sale so you will get even better wallet for same money. To summarize this up, you should check brands for the price you want but also you can do research of even more expensive lists to see is there any sales. All of that right here on our website.