Wallets are must-have accessory for every man and women. If you are looking for wallets then you are on the right place because we will review some of the best and keep you up to date with every new article. Choosing proper wallet is sometimes really annoying and you probably cannot decide which one to choose. We will try to simplify that as much as it is possible. First of all we will make table of the best seller wallets and later we will present you our pick.

NOTE: Most of these wallets are available in different colors so if you want some other color check it in details.

Best Wallets for Men

NameImageTypeOur RatingPrice
Tommy Hilfiger Leather Ranger Passcase Bifold4.6CHECK IT!
Alpine Swiss Leather FlipoutBifold-Fliput4.4CHECK IT!
Timberland Men Hunter TrifoldTrifold4.5CHECK IT!
Tommy Hilfiger Leather Cambridge Passcase Bifold4.7CHECK IT!
Nautica Milled Leather WalletBifold4.7CHECK IT!

Best Wallets for Women

NameImageTypeOur RatingPrice
Fossil Emma Large ZipZip around4.8CHECK IT!
Kate Spade Newbury Lane Neda Zip around4.6CHECK IT!
Women Rfid Blocking Trifold Luxury WalletTrifold, Clutch4.6CHECK IT!
Tommy Hilfiger Women ContinentalTrifold4.7CHECK IT!
Guess Darby Large Zip AroundZip around4.8CHECK IT!

There are some of the best seller wallets and now we are going to present you our favorite wallets with reviews.

Wallets for Men: Our Pick

Our pick maybe does not included some of the best and most quality wallets. Those wallets are usually expensive so they are not include in our pick. Included wallets are still very quality and they have hundreds of positive reviews and almost none negative. Price will not go over 50 bucks, actually most of them are around 20 bucks so let’s check it.


Tommy Hilfiger Leather Cambridge Trifold

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most popular brands in wallets manufacturing. Reasons why it became so popular are quality, price and design. All of these features are features of this wallet. It is made from 100% quality cowhide leather which is very smooth and soft. When leather of wallet is smooth and soft it will be very comfortable to keep in the pocket. Trifold wallets are great choice for people that seek more space but still it has to be small and compact. This wallet particularly is smaller than most of the bifold wallets and still has more space. You can check more Tommy Hilfiger wallets if you want.

There are 6 classic credit card slots, ID windows, 2 slip pockets and cash departments. You are probably wondering is it bulky? Well, it depends how many cards and cash you store in it. Actually cards does not make it too bulky but cash do. For instance if you fill all available card slots and put few bills it will not get bulky but if you put 15-20 bills it will get a little bit bulky. However you fill it, it can be kept in pant pocket and in my opinion it only matters. Design is another great thing and this is one of the best stylish trifold wallet. It is available in three different colors so it covers more different styles.

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Radix One Slim Wallet

Some of you are probably huge fans of leather wallets but why you should not check one aluminum wallet? This model is one of the best sellers and it has over 2000 positive reviews and they increase every day. It became popular because it is very innovative but very effective. Designers of this wallet tried to design smaller wallet than usual but still it has to be effective and have enough space. In my opinion they were very successful. Great thing is because it is insanely cheap and it is affordable to anyone. Aluminum is not expensive material for fashion accessories but it can be very helpful and durable. For instance, there is no way to damage your card in aluminum wallet. However, many guys does not like any other material but leather and it is simply their style. If you are in a hurry you can check price immediately otherwise I recommend you to check full review of Radix One Slim Wallet.

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Timberland Men Blix Slimfold

There are many great bifold wallets that we could pick on this place but anyway we decided for Timberland Blix Slimfold. It is Timberland blix slimfold walletclassic bifold wallets with many features. First of them is slimness. This wallet is very slim and it can easily be kept in the back pocket which is most often for all men. Another feature is quality. Timberland wallets are always high quality and they are well known among the men. It is same with this model as well. Usually Timberland brand can be recognized with its unique brown color but this wallet comes in black color as well. In my opinion black color for this wallet is much better and it looks more stylish.

Material is 100% leather and dimensions are 3.25″ x 4.25″. It is a little bit smaller than most of the bifold wallets. Because it is slim it does not have to many slots only 4 for cards and one ID window. Great thing is strong stitches around corners outside and inside. These stitches give durability to this wallet. They are very important inside of the wallet because cards can easily destroy corners especially slim wallets as this one. Price is one of the best features because it is very cheap and it is affordable to everyone.

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Fossil Lincoln Bifold

Fossil is one of the best affordable wallets brands and they made very interesting bifold leather wallet. This wallet comes only in one color, brown. Dimensions are 3.5″ x 4.0″ and it will nicely fit in your pocket. Every Fossil wallet is very durable but this one especially. It is most because unique leather which is a little bit harder. Sometimes hard and strong leather can be consideration but for this model it is feature. Because it is very slim and it can only hold cards and cash, harder leather fits perfectly and prevents any damages from both cards and sharp tools in the pocket. Fossil logo is debossed on the right bottom corner and it is not too striking.

Although it is very slim it can store 8 cards which is more than enough for every user. Cash department is normal and you can store large amount of bills. This wallet has not modern style like previous wallet yet it is some kind of vintage. It can be saw especially in color of the leather, it is brown but it has many shades and it is somehow very unique and interesting. This is one of the most durable wallets that we reviewed on our site and it is perfect for those who are looking for wallet that will last couple of years undamaged.

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Wallets for Women: Our Pick


Fossil Emma Mini Rfid

For our first pick we decided to go with smaller wallet. This one come from very popular and quality brand, Fossil. Their most popular products are small leather goods and accessories. You could find it out if you read our pick for men wallets. This wallet is made from 100% leather. It is clutch wallet with button closure on the top. On the right side is located small zip where can be stored keys, coins or something similar. Dimensions are 3.5 x 3.75 which is not standard for women and that is one of the uniqueness. It is slim as well so you can even keep it in the pocket. 7 different colors are available and each of them looks good and it can fulfill your style.

Because it is very small it cannot store too many credit cards totally 5. Beside card slots there is ID window on the left side. Bill compartment is standard for this kind of bifold wallets and it can store pretty large amount of the bills. Great thing is RFID that will successfully protect your card data. One of the main features for every Fossil product is durability and if you are looking for quality small wallet there it is. Price is mid-range for wallets and for this quality it is more than affordable. Women have great experience with it and I recommend you to check price and read customer reviews.

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Kate Spade Wellesley Neda Zip Around

Zip around wallets are always popular among the women and this zip around is everything you can expect from the wallet. It is made by one of the most popular women brands. Kate Spade usually made their accessories in many colors and that is one of their most recognizable features. It is same case with this model and it is available in even 13 different colors. Great thing is because you can combine it with different clothes elegant or casual. Dimensions are standard for large wallet 7.5″ x 4″. Because it is zip around it is not too bulky but it depends on you as well.

Huge amount of space is available and you can store anything you want. There are even 12 card slots for IDs or credit cards. There are two bigger bill lots and one zip pocket where you can store coins or some small accessories. It is great for going out because you probably do not want to take your bag but still you need to carry some important accessories. It can hold phone as well up to 5.5″ but be aware wallet will be a little bit heavier. This wallet is not cheap but it is high quality product with great design.

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Guess G Lux Slim Clutch

Guess is one of those popular affordable brands. This wallet has one of their classic elegant design that fits almost every
women. This wallet is mostly used with elegant clothes but if you like this kind of wallet for casual clothes you can go with it. It is made from quality lambskin and it feels great in hand. Leather is different from place to place and on front surface it is a little bit thicker and quilted. Inside of the wallet leather is a little bit thinner and it prevents wallet from getting bulky. There are two Guess logos, one of them is on the front side and it is a little bit bigger while second one is on the back side and it is a little bit smaller.

It has space pretty much same as other large wallets but great thing about this model is good organization of each slot. When it is opened it is trifold, on the left side are credit card slots, in the middle are credit card slots and ID window while on the right side is bill compartment. On every side there is additional slip pocket where you can store some papers or even more cards. It has small zip pocket on the back side where you can store some small important accessories or coins. Access to this pocket is very easy so this wallet can even replace bag. Three colors are available and you can choose which one fits your dresses.

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Coach Crossgrain Mini Double Zip

Our last pick is this wallet from Coach. Coach is one of the best wallet brands that is specialized in manufacturing of small leather goods since 1941. If you would like to find more about brands check out our infographic a brief history of fashion brands. This model is zip around but not classic zip around. There are two main differences. Classic zip around wallets are usually large wallets but this is smaller with 4.5″ x 2.75″ dimensions. Second difference is in 2 zip closures which I found very helpful especially for organizing cards and cash. Coach leather is one of the most quality and most durable on the market so I will not describe it in details.

It is very small so it cannot store too many cards and bills. There are three slots on each zip. Each slot can hold more than one card so you will get more space. Only one color is available and you can check it on the picture. In my opinion this color is very stylish. This wallet is small so it will be kept probably in the bag or in the pocket. The biggest feature of this wallet is in two zippers and beside cards, IDs and cash you can even store coins, key or smaller jewelry.

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Ultimate Wallet Buying Guide

For easier choosing proper wallet you should ask yourself these questions

  • What kind of material I want?
  • How many cards and cash I will store in it?
  • How much money to spend? Do not be worried if your budget is tight there are some fantastic models under the 20 bucks even some of them are branded. You can check them in previous list as well?
  • What type of wallet I am looking for? We write an article about types of wallets and I recommend you to check it if you have not decided yet.

Once you answer yourself these questions you can go further to find proper wallets.

Check out these things before buying

Quality- is one of the main things to look before buying not only the wallets yet everything. Price usually determine quality of wallet but there are some overrated wallets and we are avoiding them in our lists and reviews.

Design- is one of my favorite features of each wallets. Design is important for both men and women but for men choosing good design is much easier. If you want to use your wallets with elegant clothes I recommend you to go with some darker colors, if you are often wearing casual clothes like jeans then brown fits perfectly but that depends on you.

Material- Most often used material is leather but there are different types of the leather and you should know something about them. We will explain it later. Other often used materials are aluminum and carbon fiber. These metals are very often used for some innovative wallets or card holders. Metal wallets are usually much cheaper but they have some fantastic features such as keeping your card from breaking.

Brand- If you want to buy some good wallets for your need you should check some of the most popular brands. Although, many people think brand wallets are expensive they are not. There are some of the brand wallets about 15 bucks which is in my opinion more than affordable. Yeah, there are some better brands and price often go over 150 bucks but those wallets are usually better quality and design. Check more about brands here.

Space- is one of the reasons to buy wallet and when you are looking for new one you should check how many slots you will need and what are you planning to keep in the wallet. I highly recommend you to check out our blog where you can find articles about wallets and some guides that might interest you.

Different Types of Leather

Cowhide leather– is one of the most popular and most often used leather for wallets. There are two main reasons why this leather is often used. First one is quality and second one is price.

Napa leather- this leather is not often used as cow leather but it has some unique features that most of the people are looking for. First of all, Napa leather is very soft and wallets made out of this leather feels great in hand and in pocket. Second feature is durability, because it is soft it rarely gets cracked and damaged. Napa leather is obtained from animals like sheep and goat. This leather is mostly used for making wallets.

PU leather- is synthetic type of the leather and it is poor quality. Price of the wallets made out of this leather is very low and you can find these wallets in price range 5-10 bucks. These wallets will not last you long but you can try out them. It is often used for some interesting and cute design wallets especially for women where quality is not important so much because those wallets will not be used often.

Crocodile/Alligator leather- is one of the rare types of the leather but it is one of the most quality leather. Wallets made from crocodile leather are expensive and they are in most of the cases over 200 bucks. Although they are expensive their quality is special. They belong to category of luxury wallets.

Genuine leather- is organic leather but I sorted it here to explain few things. Currently there are many wallets claimed as genuine leather wallets but it is not always case. Price of those wallets are same as cowhide leather so be aware. I recommend you to buy only trustworthy brand wallets because unbranded wallets sometimes mix organic leather and PU leather and label it as genuine leather which is not truly.

Those are some of the most popular leathers, but on the market are more types of leather and we will describe them with our each review and list. If you would like to find out more about different types of the leather check it here.

Tips for maintaining wallets

Many people say how their wallets is bulky, it is so small and things like that. If you have problems with organizing space in the wallets check out these tips.

Use wallet only for what it should be used. This is one of the simplest tips but a lot of guys and women forget it. When you buy decent wallet use it only for what you plan. If you want smaller wallet be aware that you cannot hold in it papers or some accessories beside cards and cash. But if you have such a need for some additional accessories in your wallet use it just once and when you are done take it out. Many people put some unnecessary paper in the wallet and keep it for months. If you want to organize your wallet well avoid these things.

Do not keep too many bills in the wallet. If you do not have bigger wallets and you have problems with space this tip might help you. Why to carry a lot of cash if you do not plan to spend it and make your wallet bulky and uncomfortable in the pocket? Nowadays, every person has credit card and almost wherever you go you can pay with card. In my opinion there is not need for keeping more than 10 bills in the wallet all the time. Sometimes we need more cash and you should carry bigger amount of cash but you should avoid doing it every day.

RFID blocking system

You have probably seen wallets with RFID and in last few years many manufacturers classify this feature as must have, actually it depends on you and your needs. For instance I would never force RFID as main feature of my wallet but if you doubt someone could steal your data then you should buy it. RFID protects thieves from stealing your data from cards in order to steal your name, address and in some cases the worst thieves are trying to steel your credit card numbers. If you are wondering are wallets with RFID more expensive answer is no. Interesting thing is that branded wallets rarely have RFID while some cheaper models in most cases have. If you are going to buy some credit card holder or wallet which is only supposed for keeping cards then I recommend you to find RFID and in most cases all of these wallets have it. In most cases you will be keeping some credit cards that are not yours and to be even more safe why do not go with RFID. For your personal things it is not too necessary and my wallet is not RFID. Check out here more about RFID. Note: Those information are not necessarily same for wallets.


There are some of the best seller wallets and our pick of wallets. We hope we help you to choose your next wallets. Also, I recommend you to read previous tips in detail because they can help you a lot especially if you have not decided yet. It is not problem to find right wallets and you do not have to research a lot. Our reviews, lists and articles can help so check out category that you are interested in. Do not worry about price because everyone can find wallet for their budget.