Radix One slim wallet

Radix One Slim Wallet

Are you looking for small minimalist wallet that can hold bunch of cards and cash but still at reasonable price. Then you should check this review of Radix One Slim Wallet. It is designed in the December 2014 when it first appeared on the Kickstarter where it gets its popularity very fast and today it is one of the best sellers wallets. It is not ordinary wallet like you probably have bifold, trifold or long wallet actually it is one type of the credit card holder but still you can store a lot of bills in it. It is made from very quality aluminum which became popular in last few years. If you would like to check more aluminum wallets check our homepage and find it.

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Well design is one of the main and most important feature of this wallet. I can say that this design is one of the most unique and very popular among the men. It is very small but still it can hold pretty much everything what one wallet should hold. Two identical carbon parts are located on both side and is purpose is to keep your cards. One of side has strong silicon band that can hold your folded money. Most wallets with similar design cannot hold money or they can keep only specified number of the cards for instance four or eight and it can be trouble if you have more or fewer cards. With Radix One it is not case anymore because silicon band allow you to set your desired number of cards and they will not fall out. Great thing for design is definitely several colors available. Most of the metal wallets are available only in one color but Radix One slim wallet has even 9 colors so everyone can find their favorite that fits to his style.


Is it effective and useful?

Maybe you are wondering is this wallet useful and effective as it looks like. The answer is YES, it is very effective and there are some reasons for that. First of all, many men does not like ordinary wallets like bifold, trifold, money clips or leather wallets because they can sometimes take too many space in the pocket. If you are holding these types of the wallets in the front pocket sometimes it can be nightmare because you cannot even walk but it depends of the type of the pants or shorts. On the other hand, you can always put wallet in the back pocket but some models can be really uncomfortable when you sit. So here is the question, how to make wallet that can be imperceptible in the pocket but still hold a lot of the documents. Designer of this wallet came up on really good idea to make self adjustable bulkiness wallet and it took many awesome critics. Rubber band will safely keep your money as every wallet and credit card holder will safely protect your card from bending or any damage that can be made in the pocket. So, once again this wallet do what it should do on the perfect way and it is surely both useful and effective.

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Pros and cons

Everything has good and bad sides but most important is what are the bad sides and can you accept them. Well, this wallet does not have some big cons but I can point out some of them. When you look to a picture you see that this wallet is very small and it is about credit card size and it fits good but to get one specific card you need to pull out all of them or remember where did you put that card. That is not bad side only about this wallet, it is actually bad side of every minimalist wallet. Another bad thing is that you cannot store too much money only about 10 bills. In my opinion 10 bills is more than enough but there are different people and they have need for more space. Let’s get to good stuff. Well, there are different good stuff that we already mentioned but main goal is to keep space in the pocket and be comfortable and that goal is fulfilled.


If you have been looking for slim and small wallet here it is. Radix One Slim Wallet has some great features and it is very unique. In my opinion this is good wallet with very reasonable price. It is easy to use and unlike other metal wallets this one is very stylish and you can use it with both casual and elegant clothes. If you are skeptical about metal wallets I want to note that they are more durable than leather. Leather wallets can be easily ripped out on the corners and you have to buy yourself another wallet. That is another good side of this wallet. There are thousands of people that are satisfied with this wallet and their reviews and comments are great.

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