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Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket by Alpine Swiss

Welcome to our another wallet review and today we will introduce you with one very popular leather wallet with coin pocket by Alpine Swiss company. We decided to review this wallet because we already had 2 minimalist wallets Radix One Slim and Hammer Anvil so now is the time for one bigger made of leather. Before we review it in depth we will introduce you with some main features that will probably interest you. As we said it is made of leather, 100% genuine leather that is very strong and durable. One of the main advantages is in the coin pocket and many men want it on their wallet but nowadays these type of the wallets are not so popular. Also, customer reviews are great and almost every customer is satisfied with quality, design and wallet itself.

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Design and Quality

First thing we will discuss is design. Well design is standard for every Alpine Swiss wallet and it is very simple. Classic leather bifold wallet in only one color, black. In my opinion this wallet has very good design because you can combine it and wear with any type of clothes. Design inside of the wallet is even better. Thing that I like the most is the zipper coin pocket. Most of the wallets have button or magnet closure for coin pocket and when you put more coins it gets bulky in the middle and it is not comfortable in the pocket. It is not case with this wallet and if you put more coins you can easily arrange them on larger surface so it will stay slim.


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When you are shopping Alpine Swiss wallet you do not have to worry about quality because all of their products are high quality. This model is made from lambskin leather that is very strong and durable for even the most demanding users. If you are not familiar with types of the leather you should know that lambskin is one of the best because it is very soft and smooth so it fits nice in the pocket. Capacity is pretty much same as every bifold wallet and it has 6 card slots, coin pocket and 2 bill compartments. This is classic capacity for bifold wallets and I think there is enough space for every men.Alpine swiss wallet bulkiness


Pros and Cons

Although this wallet has many great things it has some bad as well. They are not bad if you are looking for leather wallet with Leather wallet with coin pocketcoin pocket but if you are looking for different types of wallets then it is. Cons, not only for this wallet yet every wallet with coin pocket is probably bulkiness. But if you do not hold to many coins it will be same as every regular bifold. Alpine Swiss made very good job with zipper coin closure so you can arrange your coins better. Also, there is not ID window but you can hold your IDs in one of the 6 card slots.

One of the better things about this wallet is very affordable price actually it is very cheap for these features. Alpine Swiss is known because of affordable price and that made them one of the best seller brands. Also, it is very often on the sales so you can get it even more affordable. For me the biggest pro is lambskin. My favorite wallets are those made of soft materials and lambskin is one of the best soft leather on the market. Lambskin is very durable and it is one of the leathers that last long without any traces of use.



In my opinion this wallet is one of the best bifold wallets and surely the best wallet with coin pocket. We point out some of the most important pros and cons. For me these cons are not too big cons and when I am shopping wallet they are not important for me but everyone has his own opinion. I was surprised with all of these positive customer reviews and I recommend you to read some of them if you are planning to buy it. It is available in only one color black which is probably most popular in wallet industry. Black is always good because it can be used with both casual and elegant clothes. This wallet really impressed me with few things such as price, design and quality and I hope it will impress you as well.

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