Kalibrado Bifold

Kalibrado Bifold Wallet

Welcome to our another review where we will present you very interesting bifold wallet from Kalibrado. That is small brand with several different wallets and we decided to include this bifold because it impressed us with its design and functionality but we will discuss about that later. This wallet recently appeared on the market so it does not have to many customers but that number is increased every day. Great thing is price. It is very affordable and it belongs to category of cheap wallets with great features that every wallet should have.



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First thing that we show in every review is design. Design of this wallet is very interesting because there are not too many bifold Kalibrado Bifold front lookwallets with minimalist look. Ordinary bifold wallets are bigger and bulkier but this one is a little bit bigger than credit card which is great for front pocket. Although it is smaller it can still hold pretty much everything, up to 10 cards and of course cash. Great plus about design is well organized space. When you open it there is cash compartment with money clip where dollars fits perfectly. On the right side is ID window and it is very rare to see separate ID window on one minimalist wallet. On the left side there are 2 card slots intended for most used cards. Other card slots are located on the folds itself and you can access them without opening the wallet. You can put about 8 cards in these slots which is very huge amount for this type of the wallet. In my opinion design is great and space is well organized.

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Quality and Effectiveness

In the introduction we said it is affordable wallet but is it quality? It is made from genuine leather which is very important when it comes to slim wallets. Slim wallets need to have strong leather otherwise cards will easily rip it out and this wallet prevents it. Another proof of quality is surely RFID technology. Quality is very good and it will surely last you long. Maybe you are wondering is this wallet effective as it is presented on the pictures. The answer is yes and it can hold everything what we have mention before. Fact of 10 cards really impressed me and in all of our reviews I have not seen this capacity wallet with this slim and small design. There are wallets like Radix One Slim and Hammer Anvil but they have different design and they are different type of the wallets. That is one of the reasons why we review this wallet.Kalibrado bifold wallet opened

Pros and Cons

This wallet has many pros like slim design, quality leather, lot of space for cards and cash. With this slim design you will not Kalibrado Bifoldeven feel it in the pocket and you can carry it in the even smallest pockets. We said it has quality leather but another pro is way it is build. Leather is very strong and has strong stitches around the corners so there are small chances of damaging it even if you fill it to full capacity. If you are looking for gift for men then this wallet is great choice because it comes in very nice gift box.

Although it has some very great features there are is one smaller cons that I noticed. It does not have too much popularity and it has not a lot of customer reviews and comments but if we consider it showed about month ago on the market maybe it is not big consideration.



Well, this wallet is in my opinion great choice because it is not too expensive and price is very affordable. If you are looking for bifold wallet that is small I would recommend you this one. Also, you can check more about this wallet and brand itself on their official website.

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