Hammer anvil wallet

Hammer Anvil Wallet

Another interesting wallet comes from Hammer Anvil company. It is not really famous brand but they are on way to become and this wallet is one of their most recognize products. It is one of the best seller on the amazon and thousands of customer all over the world already bought it. There are three reasons why this wallet is popular design, quality and size. Each of these features is story for itself and we will explain each of them a little bit later. Small wallets are always popular and they are attractive for men but when it is leather, slim, durable it is even more attractive and every man wants it. It is similar case with this wallet and all of mentioned features belongs to Hammer Anvil wallet.

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Every wallet needs good design but does this one have it? Answer for this question will be a little bit longer.  First of all, today every good design wallet should have something special and it varies from model to model. For example, there are some famous branded wallets that has unique color or material and they become hit with that uniqueness. But what this wallet has so special that will attract customer? This wallet has great small design and it fits literally wherever you put it. If you want to use it in your handbag it will not take your space, if you put it in your pocket you will not feel it and it is one of the most important feature of design, it is made to be small.

If it is small can it store my documents. Large wallets not necessarily have to have lot of space. For instance, there are bunch large bifold wallets and they can only store 6 cards. This one also store 6 cards and cash but dimensions are smaller and it is more compact and comfortable in the pocket. It is small, but even better feature is because it is very slim which is one of the standard for good wallet today. If you like different colors then there are great news for you because you can buy it in 7 different colors and that shows how much this company care for design. If you do not like something on this wallet you can check Radix One which is good wallet as well.


Although this brand does not offer too many wallets their quality is very good and many customers are satisfied. Most of their products are made from leather and not any kind of wallet yet very quality and durable. Leather is very slim so it does not make any kind of bulkiness. Wallets that have a lot of credit cards slots on small space this one needs to have strong stitches on the corners otherwise cards will rip out very soon. Hammer Anvil saw that and make very strong and thick stitches. Also, they folded leather on the corners so there are minimal possibilities to damage it. If you want to test quality of some wallet you should check reviews and see are customers who bought it satisfied. Well, you can find over 2000 reviews and all of them are positive. Another thing that approve quality is RFID blocking technology so no one can steal your data.

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Pros and Cons

Good things about Hammer Anvil wallet are in the design and quality. Wallet is very carefully designed and it fulfills needs for every day using cards, cash and IDs. It is made to be slim, small and comfortable in the pocket and over 2000 people are already satisfied with it. We have already written about quality and we will mention it here only. Price is also one of the good sides because it is not too much expensive and even better thing is that this wallet is often on sales over 50% so you can get great wallet in half price. There are not some huge bad sides of this wallet and main cons is a little bit harder access to cards and cash. If you are used to ordinary wallet where you have only to open it and choose what you have to, then you will need some time to pull your things out. This is cons only in the beginning because once you get used to this wallet you will not have those problems anymore.

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If you are looking for small and slim wallet that can hold a pretty much big amount of documents then this is right choice to go. Quality, design, price are one of the main features of this Hammer Anvil wallet. For me its greatest feature is slimness. I do not like bulky wallets because they can be really uncomfortable in the pocket and you need jacket or bag to store it. With this one it is not case anymore because it can be carried wherever you want. Be free to comment and tell us if you like this wallet or you have some considerations. Also, if you want to see your wallet reviewed contact us.


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