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Fly Hawk Wallet Ultimate Review 2018

In this post we will review one very popular wallet and one of the best sellers in last few months, Fly Hawk wallet.

There are few reasons why we decided to review this wallet and most important is popularity and great customer impressions. It is classic bifold wallet with few modifications and very quality leather as the main material.

One of the reasons why we choose this wallet for review is because it has everything what should every wallet have including stylish design, quality leather, enough slots, durability and probably most important for customers affordable price.

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Design and Quality

In my opinion design is one of the 3 most important characteristics of every wallet among with durability and space.

So design of this wallet is very simple yet very stylish and very usable in every occasion. Main material is leather, cowhide leather. Although, cowhide leather is in the most of the cases very hard it is not case with this model. This leather is very soft and it adapts to every pocket especially back pocket. Leather is also very flexible and thin so wallet is very durable and slim.

Inside of the wallet are 2 separated cash departments, 7 card slots and 1 ID slots. In my opinion there are enough slots for regular users 8 card slots(including ID) is standard for bifold wallets. There are 4 different colors available and each of them looks fine but it is up to you to decide which one fits to your style.

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Quality is also very important thing that should be discussed when we are writing review. Well, I can only say good things about this wallet. Although, FlyHawk is not known brand they made really good product and customers are very satisfied.

Proof of quality is more than 80% 5 star reviews on Amazon. It will surely last long without any damages because of very soft and quality leather. Wallets are usually damaged and ripped in the corners because of pressure in the pocket. Well, Fly Hawk wallet has very strong stitches all around the wallet so it is one more positive feature. Also, it has very strong stitches around card slots which is vulnerable part of every wallet.


Pros and Cons

There are many pros of this wallet that we already mentioned but we will add few more and point some of the cons.

Let’s start with cons. There is not any huge cons that could be made in production. Thing that can bother some customers are dimensions. If you are not “used to” bifold wallets dimensions 4.7″ x  3.7″ could be cons. Well, it is a little bigger but it can be stored easily in the pocket especially back because of it slimness and very comfortable leather that adjusts to every surface when you sit and when you are standing you will not even feel it.

To make this slim wallet Fly Hawk company left out coin pocket. If you are looking for wallet with coin pocket I recommend you to check Alpine Swiss wallet that we reviewed. That is pretty much it of cons.

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As I said I already write a lot about pros but I will add few more here. Because of the dimensions it allows you to store very huge bills and also huge amount of money. There is also RFID blocking so your credit cards will stay safe and there is no way to somebody steals your data. It comes in special present box so it can be nice and affordable gift.


Well there is everything you should know about this wallet. If you are skeptic you should read customer reviews on Amazon. In my opinion this is great leather bifold wallet for everyone especially if you are looking for slim bifold. Also, quality is great and I think this wallet is one of the best that we reviewed.

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