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10 Best Trifold Wallets 2018 [UPDATED]

Are you looking for smaller wallet that can store many cards, cash and IDs?

Are you looking for wallet that will be elegant but still with reasonable price?Trifold Wallets

Then you should check out some trifold wallets on our post which are great decision for EVERY man.

Perhaps some of you don’t know what is trifold wallet, so we posted one photo on the right where  you can see what it is like. As you can imagine from its name, trifold wallet has three section and folds twice.

Trifold wallets are very popular and often used by men because they have some unique features that no other wallets have.

First of all they come in different sizes, different colors,  affordable price range so anyone can find his style.

Second feature is space. They have many slots so you can put in most of the cases 8-10 cards, IDs in separate window and of course your  cash.

Although many people think trifolds are bigger wallets they are WRONG. Because it has three folds it saves space in the pocket and it is really comfortable in pockets. They are especially comfortable if they are made from some premium leathers that are soft.

There are another two characteristics that you should know about. When you are shopping trifold wallets you should check are they slim or bulky.

Sometimes those bulkier are better but sometimes those slim, it depends on you and what kind of wallets you like.

But do not  worry, both of them fits nicely in the pocket and we will note in the list all of their pros and cons. Also, you can check it on images so let’s start.

NameMaterialSlots Totally 
Fossil Men IngramGenuine leather12 slots

Dockers Men’s TrifoldTop-grained oil tanned cowhide leather8 slots
Alpine Swiss Large Capacity TrifoldSoft cow leather13 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Nautica Milled Trifold Leather WalletCowhide milled leather7 slots
3 hidden slot
Tommy Hilfiger Leather Cambridge TrifoldGenuine cow leather12 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Levi’s Men Leather Trifold WalletGenuine leather8 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Pabin Vintage Genuine Leather TrifoldGenuine leather11 slots
1 Zippered coin holder
Bosca Men Old Trifold Leather Wallet
Hand-stained vegetable tanned leather9 slots
Carhartt Men’s TrifoldTop-grained leather8 slotsCHECK PRICE NOW!
Calvin Klein Smooth Leather WalletSmooth genuine leather8 slots
3 hidden pockets


Fossil Men Ingram

First wallet on this list is made by Fossil and we wrote about this brand in several previous articles. Main feature of this brandFossil ingram men wallet is quality leather which is very durable. Fossil wallet is made of 100% genuine leather , also lining material is 100% man made. There’s no doubt about top quality of wallet, you will be secure for the next year when it comes to wallet.

As we said in introduction, trifold wallets are pretty small and this one particularly has 3″ x 4.25” dimensions so it will perfectly fit in your pockets.  It comes with 2 different colors  available and you can choose between black and brown.

Build quality is one of the better things because it is very carefully prepared and made. You can see it in very quality stitches around the corner. This trifold has extra capacity because it is not ordinary trifold. It has additional flip out which is intended for IDs.

This is one of the smallest wallet that we have reviewed with this capacity. It is not too bulky even when you fill out all slots. Type of the closure is fold closure so there are not any clutches or buttons. It has over 500 positive reviews so I recommend you to check price and reviews as well.

What we don’t like about this wallet is that it looks a little bit old-aged, but not everyone has the same taste. We will leave to you to estimate this wallet.

To summarize this up, Fossil wallet is made of gunuine leather, and years behind that brand prove the quality of their wallet.

If you like trifold wallets, but some of them are too bulky to you, this one will really fulfill your requirements. It is very durable wallet and his stitches are even better.

If you want classic wallet that is at the same time small and functional, we recommend you this one.

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Dockers Men’s Trifold

Another great wallet comes from Dockers company. For everybody that likes slim wallets this one might interest them. First of Dockers Men Trifold Walletall it is made from 100% genuine leather that is top-grained, oil-tanned and cowhide.

These leather features make this wallet very durable. Sometimes very slim wallets such is this can be damaged and ripped very quickly after buying them but it is not case with this one. Leather is very smooth, thin and double stitched around the corners so there is no way to get damaged.

With dimensions of 3.5″ x 4.25“, this wallet isn’t too big, and it will satisfy most of the users.

As previous wallet this one also comes in two colors brown and black. Price is very affordable especially now when it is on the sale. Because it is very slim it has not to many slots only 6 for cards, 1 finger-slide ID window and cash department. In my opinion it is enough for regular user but choice is on you.

What might be cons of Docker wallet is that it has single  bill compartment, and you will be unable to split your bills. Also, a lot of customers says that when it’s fully loaded and all slots are filled with card, it is a little bit bulky and some of you may not like that. Definitely this wallet has more pros, and you will probably forget about all cons by the time.

Dockers wallet is very well constructed and you can use it for years after you buy it.

It looks even better after brokening leather, so as long it stays with you, that’s better. On the cover of wallets it has double row stitching.

We are sure that you will be satisfied with this wallet.


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Alpine Swiss Large Capacity Trifold

Alpine Swiss is world known brand in producing very quality leather goods for very affordable price. This trifold leather wallet Alpine Swiss Trifold with 2 IDsis one of the best sellers on amazon and it has great comments and reviews from customers. Main feature of this wallet is in very large capacity.

When we consider its large capacity, this wallet comes with measures of 4 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ x 1″ which is one very great information. You can see on the pictures too that it’s not very big and it will fit in all your pockets.

There are 10 credit card slots, 2 ID window and of course cash department. I want to point out 2 ID windows which is very rare to see on trifolds. Although it can store large amount of accessories it is not too bulky, yet it is very slim and you can check it on pictures. Material is genuine cow leather which is most common material for Alpine Swiss Products and it is very soft in your hands.

Wallet is a little bit harder on the corner so it is very durable. Alpine Swiss logo is stitched in the bottom left corner and it is not too striking, it’s even very nice to see as a decoration for wallet. This walaet comes in various colors like black and three different Brown.

I recommend this wallet for those who are watching for additional space, especially space for IDs. Also, price is very affordable and this is one of the cheapest wallets on our list, also  it is often on the sale. It has capacity more than some aluminum wallets and all of it approves these features.

What we find negative is that it doesnt stay completely closed even if it is empty, but after some time of using it daily it should be fine.

Alpine Swiss wallet is on Amazon’s choice for trifold wallets, therefore you can be sure that you won’t miss if you buy this one.

What we can promise to you about this wallet, is that you will have very durable wallet which will last for years. Another thing, you will not find yourself asking “where should I put this card, I don’t have enough space?” because it has extra large capacity.

Also, Alpine Swiss wallet is very cheap wallet and that’s more than great information, so if you want new wallet but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, go with this one.

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Nautica Milled Trifold Leather Wallet

When it comes to really affordable wallets then Nautica is brand to go with. Beside very good quality, design is one of the betterNautica Milled Trifold Leather Wallet things of every Nautica wallet. It is same case with this leather trifold wallet that has very stylish brown design. Material is cowhide leather which is prepared to be soft and smooth.

This wallet is made in milling machine and characteristic of this leather is in fine lines on the surface. Dimensions are somewhere about 4″ x 3″ so it will fit in pocket very well. There are 5 credit card slots, ID window, cash department and 3 additional slots for different type of the cards. I like this wallet because it is very small and it is nice to hold in the hand because of very soft leather.

Unlike many other trifolds this one can hold more than 20 bills and gets folded without any problem. If you are looking for quality and cheap wallet than this one is right choice. This product includes a gift box which can be used as a valet tray.

Some customers says that the leather is like plastic and it’s not the real one, but that’s because leather needs to break in to be just perfect. You will have to wait a couple of weeks for that. As you can see from the image above, on the surface there’s small metal plate, which serves as decoration detail. For me, it looks very nice with that.

We’ve previously wrote about some Nautica wallets  and when it comes to this brand, there are only words of praise.

With its very well design and some decoration details, this wallet look very nice outside. Interior is also very well made and material which they have used for making wallet is cowhide leather. I have no doubt that stitching is also very quality, so overall, here’s top quality wallet.

On the other hand, good thing is that it is not expensive and almost everyone can afford this wallet to themselves.

However, if you don’ like exactly this wallet, there are other wallets from Nautica on the link below,  which are very similar to this one.

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Tommy Hilfiger Leather Cambridge Trifold

If you have rode our post about passcase wallets  where we wrote about one product from Tommy Hilfiger you already know what are their products like. When it comes to trifold wallets Tommy Hilfiger Leather Cambridge is must-include wallet. There are multiple reasons for that and Stylish trifold walletwe will mention some of them. First of all, this wallet has OVER 1700 positive customer reviews which makes him one of the best-sellers.

All Tommy Hilfiger wallets are very stylish and they can go with different types of clothes. Also, leather is very unique because it is very soft and it feels very good in the pocket. Material from which is made wallet is cow leather and also lining material is genuine leather.

It is available for almost every man because it comes in four different colors: black, brown, navy and tan. Logo is placed in the bottom  of wallet and it makes him nicer than others. It has 6 card slot where  You can store  9 cards without any problem, 2 cash Department and 4 ID windows which in my opinion is more than enough for these dimensions and design.

What we like in this wallet is that it have a lot of transparent windows or so-called ID Windows where you can store your driver licence or something that you use very often in your day. Something that’s missing in this wallet and what we think it’s  flaw, is that it doesn’t have metal coin department.

Another great thing about this wallet is because it comes in Tommy Hilfiger box which makes him perfect gift. Color and surface of this wallet is very unique and I have not seen it on any other trifold leather wallet because it is shiny a little bit which makes it look very luxury.

If you are a fan of Tommy Hilfiger we assure you that this is best trifold wallet from this brand. In the section above, we wrote about main characteristic of this wallet, so be free to read it if you want to buy this wallet.

We can now tell you that you won’t regret if you choose this one, you will even get one of the best trifold wallet currently available for extra price

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Levi’s Men Leather Trifold Wallet

If you are huge fan of brown wallets or maybe Levi’s brand this is wallet for you. We include it in this list because it has specific Levis Leather Trifold Walletcolor that can be combined with different type of jeans. Material is genuine leather and all over the wallet  is a bit thicker which makes it very durable and strong. Lining material is 100% manmade and another thing , wallet is hand wash. All this makes him very specific.

When we come to dimensions, this Levi’s wallet has dimension of 4.25″ x 3.5″ and it’s average size of wallet, therefore you will not have any problem putting it inside your pockets. It has space pretty much as other standard trifold, with 6 credit cards, ID window and larger cash department. Some of you might not like only one cash department, because you can’t separate your bills.

You know that Levi’s Products have really good design and this one also has it.  There are 2 Levi’s logo, one stitched in the bottom right corner on exterior  and second one is debossed also in the bottom but  on right fold when it is opened. Another thing about design on this wallet, you can see on the image above  that variance in shading of brown color which gives it a really rich look.

Although it comes from one of the most popular fashion brands it is not too expensive. And great information is that it’s including  a gift box and can be just perfect gift for someone.

In my opinion the biggest advantage of this wallet is in unique color that a lot of men likes. It is some kind of casual wallet and it is great for everyday clothes and I do not recommend it if you are fan of elegant clothes, rather check our other wallets from list.

This is a classic trifold wallet from Levi’s and it is just perfect if you love classic things, it will suit all your jeans.

It’s well crafted and made of genuine leather, it’s a little bit rugged and yet soft in your back pocket. Design is not missing on this wallet and almost everyone will like variance in color with 2 Levi’s logo.

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Pabin Vintage Genuine Leather Trifold

For this pick, we have one very interesting and unique wallet. If you like to put different kind of stuff in your wallet like car keys or something similar including the coins, then you will probably like this one. Like other wallets from this list, it is made from genuine leather that is designed to look vintage. It is not like previous wallets.

When it is opened it has three folds, two of them are main and there are stored credit cards and another fold is for IDs that looks like flip out. If you want wallet that has a lot of space where you can store everything you need for daily use, we recommend to go with this one. This wallet has  8 credit card slots totally,  1 clear ID window plus 2 cash compartments, which is more than great if you want to separate your bills or you are using two different currency.

Another great thing that this wallet has and what is particularly rare now, Pabin wallet has coin pocket that’s closed by zipper (you can see that zipper on the image above) which is located on the right fold and it is separated from credit card slots. You can access to this pocket without even opening the wallet which is great feature. Beside coins you can put in it key, notes or important receipts etc.

To increase your safety and prevent credit cards falling out, They made  button that locks the ends of the wallet together and it will not open itself like some others.  When it comes to safety and security, we need to mention one more thing. Pabin wallet is RFID blocking wallet and it will protect you from those who want to stole your information using Electronic signals.

With dimensions  of  4″ x 4.5″ x 0.6″ and with all this space withhin wallet, it still looks thin and you can use it as front pocket wallet if you prefer. Pabin wallet is delivered with gift box and it can be perfect gift for your loved ones.

One more thing that we want to mention is not about wallet itself,  but the seller of this product. If somehow, wallet get damaged during delivery or something breaks short after delivery, you can easily replace it with new one. Or if you just don’t like wallet, you can return your money. We are telling you this just because we care about your safety when buying things.

You know that situation where you need to take out your metal coins for paying something and you are struggling with your wallet trying to get to your coins? With this separated zippered coin holder will be much easier to do that.

If you want wallet with big capacity but at the same time light, thin and not too bulky, go with this one. With RFID blocking material you will be safe when it comes to that boring RFID scanners. Premium leather will look luxurious, but also durability and softness is not missing there.

All in all, very unique and interesting wallet.

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Bosca Men Old Trifold Leather Wallet

If you want to spend more money on wallet  but with that you  also want  it to be really quality trifold wallet then read this post where we will present to you Bosca wallet.  Well,  all of previous wallets are quality and good but this one is specialBosca Old Leather Trifold because it is made to last long. Bosca brand is known for producing different  leather goods and one of them are wallets.

They use hand-stained certified Italian vegetable tanned leather for making wallets which gives to it gloss and a classic look. With this quality of leather you can be sure that your wallet will last for years. Leather is not too thick, actually it is very slim but very strong. Great thing about slim leather is in comfort in the pocket and durability as well

Beside its quality leather, Bosca wallet has more to offer. It is available in three different colors and everybody can find one to himself.  You can choose betwen black, cognac and dark brown color, it’s upon to your taste.

With dimensions approximately of  4.2″ x 3.2″  it has enough capacity for everyone. There are 6 credit card slots, 1 large currency pocket  and 2 ID windows. We really like this design of the ID windows slots, one of them is located in the middle of wallet when it’s opened  and another one is located on the exterior side of the right fold. It allows you very easy access to ID because you do not have to open it all the way,  check out  more images on the link below.

What we envy to them is that you don’t have currency divider or 2 currency pockets and you cannot divide your cash when you have different types of currency if you travel to different  countries worldwide.

You have a lot of money and you don’t want to save your money on good wallet but still want it to be very good? This is the right selection for you.

With its luxurious classic look it will perfectly fit to your style. Beside its well design, you will be surprised by quality of Bosca wallet. They use highest quality Italian leather and with its durability it will last for many years.

Also, if you have multiple IDs that you need to flash daily, this is the ideal wallet for you. This is the most expensive wallet from our trifold list but you know that you get what you pay for.

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Carhartt Men’s Trifold

Here is another very interesting trifold leather wallet that might interest you. It comes from company namde Carhartt that produces fashion Carhartt Leather Trifold Walletaccessories since 1889 and they made very quality accessories.

This one particularly is one of the best-seller on amazon and it took great reviews so it definitely deserves to be on this list. Design and space are pretty much same as every trifold, it has 6 credit card slots1 ID window with hidden spare key compartment  and one large cash  compartment.

It is made from top-grain leather that is very quality and durable.  Logo of the Carhartt company is debossed in the bottom right corner (you can see on the image ). Great thing and uniqueness as well are  contrasted stitches all over the wallet. They give  longer durability and very interesting  and unique design. Another great thing, when a wallet is opened, in right bottom and left bottom corners there are rivets which will reinforce this wallet. Spine of wallet is reinforced also, therefore there’s no doubt it will be resistant and durable.

Wallet is available in 3 different colors: brown, black and tan so We  hope you can find your favorite. Beside classic slots that we mention before there are additional two slip pockets and hidden spare key compartment.

With its design, Carhart wallet is very unique. It has contrast stitching all over the wallet and it is reinforced with two rivets inside of wallet and two rivets on spine of wallet.

Another interesting characteristic of this wallet is that it has hidden spare key compartment and two side pockets.

If you are non lover of a classic wallets and want to be different with something unusal and unique, we recommend you this wallet.

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Calvin Klein Smooth Leather Wallet

If you like very slim wallets, very elegant then this Calvin Klein model is made just for you. It has several features but I pointed out most important ones. It has classic style but it’s still very modern. In my opinion this is the most elegant wallet on this list and it can go with every type of the clothes.

There are two engraved  Calvin Klein logos, one of them is on exterior in the right bottom corner and second one is in interior, between right and middle fold. Those two logos don’t expose too much from wallet itself, but when you look closer to wallet, they give to it very nice design.

Although it is elegant, design is very simple so there is not any unnecessary things. It is made from very smooth leather so there are not any lines on the wallet. There are two colors but they are almost the same, charcoal and navy.

There is plenty of space as well, this Calvin Klein wallet has 6 credit card pockets1 ID window, 1 currency pocket and 3 slip pockets so you can literally store everything you need. If you are frequent traveller, with capacity of this wallet you will able to store everything you have. Also, It’s not bulky therefore you will not have problem with that, it will fit your every pocket without problem.

Even if you fill all slots it will stay slim and comfortable in the pocket. Another great thing about this product, as you can see on the image above, next to the wallet there is key fob. It’s one great thing which will perfectly suit your car key or house key. There is also Calvin Klein logo on that key fob.

If you are looking to buy someone gift you are on the right place. Wallet is always perfect gift because we use it a lot, they remain for years and every time when someone sees the wallet can remember you. What makes this wallet even greater  gift is  key fob which other wallets don’t have, and all this in beautiful designed Calvin Klein gift box. With all these cracteristics, price of wallet isn’t high and everyone can afford one.

If you are searching for a classic accessory with a modern touch, this trifold wallet from popular brand Calvin Klein is a must-have.

The wallet is built from smooth genuine leather with two engraved Calvin Klein logo. The wallet has enough capacity for essentials and is yet minimalist. With such a elegant wallet, a matching leather key fob is included in package, so you get two things for the price of one.

This could be a perfect gift for someone and you won’t have problem finding a box for it, because it comes in Calvin Klein gift box. Check out more images and information on the link bellow!

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Trifold wallet are very quality wallet with plenty of capacity and if you choose one of these, you won’t have problem with storing your money and cards. Almost all of the wallets above are made of genuine leather, because leather is most common material for wallets, there are just different types of leather. Another thing about trifold is that they are not too bulky, some of them are small and very thin.

Some of these above have double ID Windows which may help a lot to some of you. Also, majority of these wallets in  list have some kind of extra capacity or hidden pockets.

In this list, we included some of  the best trifold wallets available on Amazon. We tried to specify their pros and cons and write something more about them.

Thank you for reading our post, we hope that you will find your favourite and pick one of them to be your next “pocket friend” and we hope that you liked it. Be free to leave your comment bellow our post.

If you have not found trifold that you like or you just want somethnig different, you might check other wallets such as  credit card holders or carbon fiber money clips.

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