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6 Passcase Wallets for Modern Men 2018

pulling out card

Have you ever been  in a situation where you need to pull some credit card or driver license out few times a day?

So was I,  well,  It can be very bothering if you put it in classic card slots in your wallet.

The SOLUTION for this problem is: Passcase wallet

Good thing about using   passcase wallet is that, it  can really help you in many situations and make your wallet more organized so you can keep everything in place and know exactly where it is.

Also, you won’t spend your time pulling cards out from your wallet, because you will have everything on your eyes.

In the text below we will write about some, where  you can find few of the best passcase wallet currently available in the market and read a review for each of them. Before we start,  I want to point out one very important characteristic of those wallets. Great thing about passcase is versatility.

Passcase is actually just attachment to a regular wallet (in most of the cases bifold), so you can easily remove it or add it.
For those who are considering buying a new wallet I recommend to check out these versatile passcase wallets.


NameImageMaterialType of MaterialRemovable PasscaseBest Price
Tommy Hilfiger Cambridge PasscaseLeatherSmooth Cowhide LeatherYesCHECK PRICE NOW!

Mutbak Citadel PasscaseCitadel Passcase Wallet MutbakLeatherTop Grain LeaherYesCHECK PRICE NOW!
Nautica Milled Leather WalletNautica Wallet from Milled LeatherLeatherMilled LeatherYesCHECK PRICE NOW!

Guess Bifold Passcase WalletPasscase Wallet by GuessLeatherHigh Quality LeatherYesCHECK PRICE NOW!

Perry Ellis Sutton WalletPerry Ellis Sutton Passcase WalletLeatherSmooth Genuine LeatherNoCHECK PRICE NOW!

Timberland Leather WalletTimberland Leather PasscaseLeatherStrong Cowhide LeatherYesCHECK PRICE NOW!

 1. Tommy Hilfiger Cambridge Passcase

Tommy Hilfiger Cambridge Passcase

If you are looking for best value of price and  high quality then Tommy Hilfiger is brand to go with. Tommy Hilfiger is popular in all fashion fields because of price and extraordinary quality. It is same when we talk about wallets and more closer, this product as well. This is as we mentioned in the first part of our article bifold with passcase. Also, we mentioned that passcase is just attachment to regular wallet, well, this one is just like that. You have removable part and that’s one great thing, so you choose what do you like more.

Over 1500 customer reviews on Amazon approves popularity and quality of this product. It is made of leather and the thing that I like about Tommy Hilfiger wallets is exactly that, well-treated leather. Somehow, they made leather very soft and comfortable in hand.

It looks very nice as well and you can choose from different colours like black, brown, navy and tan, depends on what do you like. This wallet is a great gift for the people you love, even you can go with it if is birhtday to someone. Almost every man will surelly like this one.

To summarize this up,  this product of Tomy Hilfiger is absolutely great and easy to use. With its high quality leather, there is  even better price. Check below now! 

See the price


2. Mutbak Citadel Passcase

Citadel Passcase Wallet Mutbak

As we mentioned before, Tomy Hilfiger  wallet has soft leather  and its comfortable in your hand, but this one is a little bit different. It is made out of  top grain leather which is harder but also stronger. It won’t be soft in your  hands, but by the time you will recognize true potential of this wallet. His high quality leather  will be precious as you are.

Most of these wallets on the list has pretty much the same amount of slot card (9-11) and this one has 11 card slots which is more than enough for even the most demanding users. You won’t bring youresf into question “Where should I put this card?” anymore. Mutbak wallet is designed so that you can separate your your receipt from your bills, or smaller bills from the larger ones.

Also, one thing that we want to point out is that this wallet is RFID blocking wallet. So, material which holds credit cards is something like pocket firewall and it’s great at blocking unwanted RFID/NFC Electronic signals from stealing your information without your knowledge. If  you wouldn’t like your information being stolen and shown to public, go with this Mutbak wallet.

This wallet don’t have a lot of different colors which some of you don’t like at all, but it’s because they use only best leather available. So, you can be sure about quality of leather. In my opinion the biggest feature of this product is durability. With this product, you get one-year uncoditional warranty  which I think is absolutely great. As I mentioned it is made from top grain leather which is thicker, harder and stronger. Beside leather there are very quality and strong stitches so even 11 credit cards and pressure will not make any damages. With bougth wallet, you get soft bag and gift box which can be perfect for wrapping. Price is a little bit higher but for this quality in my opinion price is more than fair and real.

To conclude all this, best thing about this wallet is his top quality leather and with that also comes durability. For acceptable price you get one one year of secureness and satisfaction. Check the price below and buy one!
See the price


3. Nautica Milled Leather Wallet

Next wallet on this list of best passcase wallets comes from Nautica. Nautica is well-known brand in the field of small fashionNautica Wallet from Milled Leather accessories because they make some really good and quality wallets.

Main reason why we included this product here is because of great price. It is very affordable and cheapest on this list.

Nautica wallet  is made of high quality leather. Actually leather is milled and you can recognize milled leather easily because it has very small dents but it is very hard to feel them when you are holding leather. Milled leather is very well polished so it is very smooth and feel great in both hand and pocket. It might be stiff at First when you buy it, but by the time it will become soft in your hands. Also, it fits perfectly in your pocket.

This pocket has 4 slip pocket, 2 ID windows, 4 card slot and also one removable photo or ID holder. One thing that we don’t like at all is that this wallet is a liitle bit oversized and it may look bigger than you thought it is. But you know that you get what you pay for, so with this price, it’s more than excellent. Usually bifold and passcase wallets are thicker but this one is a little bit thinner than previous two wallets.

If you want to save your money and you need a good wallet, go with Nautica wallet. We recommend you this wallet,  you will get very good quality  for a great price. Check button below and go on!
See the price


4. Guess Bifold Passcase Wallet

Next wallet comes from one of the top fashion brand, Guess. This brand dominates in many fashion fields and they have somePasscase Wallet by Guess really good products. One of those products is surely this passcase wallet made of authentic cow leather.

Guess wallet comes with double bill compartments with extra storage compartments, which I found very great because you can split your receipts from your bills, or separate it whatewer way you prefer. It has 4 credit card pockets which is enough for daily use. It  has also one removabale passcase and if you don’t use it very often, you can easily remove it.

It is very elegant, durable and has pretty much everything what should one wallet have. Dimensions are a little bit smaller than previous wallets and it is not too thick so it is very comfortable in the pocket. This wallet is probably most quality wallet on this list but it is also more expensive. Guess wallet include gift box which has lovely design, and you can give it as a gift to someone you like.

Currently it is on sale so you can get it for great price. Best feature of this wallet is recognizable leather quality by Guess which make their product very durable yet very elegant with awesome design. I recommend you to check this product and if you are lucky enough to catch it on sale you should definitely buy it.

This Guess wallet is top quality wallet with even better design. Usually it’s on sale on Amazon, so go on now and save your money for later, you won’t be dissapointed after it comes to your home. Check price below! Now!
See the price


5. Perry Ellis Sutton Wallet

Very popular wallet in category of passcase is this by Perry Ellis and it looks phenomenal. It is made by genuine leather and this Perry Ellis Sutton Passcase Walletleather is very well treated and processed. Lining Materials of this wallet is 100 % man made and you can surely stop worrying about  quality and durability of wallet.

Personally I like this type of the leather, it’s  very smooth and soft and it feels great in the pocket especially if you keep it all day long. As you can see on the picture it has very strong stitches around corners so it secures leather from ripping out.

Perry Ellis wallet comes with three different colours, black, brown and cheery, so you choose which colour is best for you. When we talk about pocket, this one have 4 slip pocket, 1 ID window, 8 card slots and 1 non-removable passcace.

Maybe some of you won’t like this, but Perry Ellis wallet don’t have removable passcase like previous ones. It can be both pros and cons,  you should decide what type of the wallet you should get. There are some great reviews for this wallet and price is also good. It definitely deserves to be on this list and it is one of the best passcase wallets on the market currently.

See the price


6. Timberland Leather Wallet

You must have heard about Timberland and its high quality product made from original leather. It’s hard to talk about leather product and not mention Timberland in that, so we will end this our  list with one  very popular wallet that comes  from Timberland.

Timberland is very popular brand and some of their leather Timberland Leather Passcaseaccessories are bestsellers. This list would not complete without this because of great quality, price and design. As you can see on the picture, this wallet has very simple design yet very practical and very elegant.

It is not too thick because of great, strong thin leather which can last you for years without any damages. Removable passcase gives you a lot of space for your cards and IDs which will help you in everyday situations.

Besides quality, another important thing that made Timberland wallets so popular is affordable price. If you want unique, high quality brown leather wallet for very reasonable price, there it is. It also comes with navy and grey colour.

Timberland brand is one of the top brands in fashion industry and all contribution goes to quality of their product. It’s the same thing about this wallet. With its popularity and simplicity, this wallet is perfect for one elegant and modern man. If you want well disagned and durable wallet, go with this one. Check price now!
See the price



If you need more space in your wallet, and you are tired of pulling out your card every day, you should buy yourself passcase wallet. Almost all wallet that we previous  wrote about, has got removable passcase, and if you don’t like it here, you can easiliy remove it.

There is another list of very popular wallets from best brands in category of small leather goods. In my opinion passcase wallets are great if you like bifold type of wallets and you want something that will separate your most used cards effectively.

If you do not like size of these wallets and you would rather go with smaller ones I highly recommend you to check our article about carbon fiber money clips where you can find a lot of useful information. Or if you need more space then best trifold wallets might interest you.

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