Leather money clip wallets

Leather Money Clip Wallets

In this post we will present you some of the best leather money clip wallets for men. There are different types of the money clip wallets on the market but in this article we will focus only on leather as a material. There are bunch of reasons to use these type of wallets like compatibility and comfort in the pocket so you will barely feel it in the pocket. If you do not like to carry too much stuff in your wallet like coins, papers, tickets you will probably like one of the following wallets.

Leather as a material is in my opinion the best for wallets. But, that is just my opinion and almost every week there is some new innovative wallet that is made of different types of the materials and they look very durable and quality. Leather will provide your money clip long life so you will not need to change it soon and that is a huge advantage. Let’s start with the list and check one of the best leather money clips. There will be some of money clip card holders which are basically money clips with additional feature of holding several cards.

Coach Mens Money Clip

This money clip is first on our list and we put it there because it is one of the best and most durable items in this list. It is Coach leather money clipvery small 4″ x 2″ so it will fit perfectly to your pocket. Huge advantage is very quality leather that will serve you for years. It is not meant for too many stuff so you can only bring in it 3 cards and of course money. It comes in three different colors so everyone can find color for himself. No one can say some wallet is the best because that is question of the style of every men. Only we can review quality and advantages and disadvantages and we find this as very good money clip. Because it is from trustworthy brand price is a little bit higher but it is still affordable.

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Alpine Swiss Money Clip Card Holder

This money clip from Alpine Swiss is another unique and very quality wallet. It comes in 5 different colors: black, brown, gray, Alpine swiss money clipdark brown and antique brown. Each of these colors looks good for this design and if you are going to buy this wallet you only need to choose which one you like the most. It has 4 slots, 3 for cards and one for ID document. I think it is enough slots because main function of these wallets is to fit in every pocket. You can hold a lot of money in the magnet clip which is coated with leather and it has small curve on the bottom to protect your money from ripping.  Also, money clip is made out of the very strong magnet so your money cannot fall out.

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Viosi Genuine Wallet with Money Clipviosi-leather-money-clip

Viosi is one of my favorite wallets on this list. It has few innovative and quality advantages that are very popular among the wallets. First of all, this money clip is made from very quality Kingston leather which is proof of durability and quality. You will carry this wallet for many years and it will stay the same as on the day you bought it. Also, one of the advantages are 3 card slots, 2 bigger slots and one ID slot. It is a lot of slots  so if you have many cards to carry on and still want money clip this can be solution. Also, one of the main features is very powerful magnet that will successfully hold up to 25 bills. It can be nice replacement for huge wallets because you can put 6 cards and 25 bills but if you do that this money clip will be a little bit thicker.

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Bosca Old Magnetic Clipbosca-old-money-clip

This wallet is actually only money clip and you cannot put anything else inside of it. It is built to be durable and allow you keeping many bills. 100 % leather is one of the key features that will surely attract everyone attention. It is handmade wallet and hand stained the price is a little higher but it is still affordable. Two strong magnets allows you to put bunch of bills that will not fall out no matter how you pull it from your pocket. It is very small and comfortable for every pocket including pocket on your shirt. Unfortunately, as we said, it cannot store any cards so it is disadvantage for those who want to bring card but, if you were looking just for holding the bills then you should consider this one for shopping.

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Alpine Swiss RFID Blockingalpine-swiss-bifold-clip

Alpine Swiss made another wallet that deserves to be on this list. It is a little bit different from those before with very unique design. It is bifold wallet with 8 card slots which is great for people with several cards. In the middle is of course clip where you can put bills. It is one kind of money clip card holder because it can store pretty much large amount of cards. It is not too thick, actually it depends how many cards and bills you put in. In my opinion best feature about this wallet is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification denoting). It will protect successfully protect your documents, including credit cards from illegal use. This is very durable wallet and it is made from the best pieces of leather. Clip stays strong after a long time which is huge advantage. Black and brown are only colors of this product which are most common in wallets manufacturing. Both flips of the wallets are very strong and covered with smooth leather.

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Travelambo with RFIDtravelambo-money-clip

This wallet from Travelambo is very interesting because it has different features that are pretty cool for one wallet. First of all, Travelambo is very small so it can fit in your front pocket without any problems which is main characteristic of the money clips. As you probably noticed from the heading it is RFID. Nowadays, many wallet manufacturers claim that they RFID cannot be broken but it is not always true. Sometimes there are bad quality RFID which cannot protect your privacy and card. In the description of the product says “engineered specifically to block 13.56 MHz or higher” and working on this frequency will surely protect your data from documents. It can store even 10 cards in slots inside and outside, but there is one special slot with small pull-strap for easily access to commonly used card. Bifold design allows you to carry a lot of bills and it will still stay slim. Black is the only color of this wallet and I think if they have made this wallet in different colors it would not be esthetic as this. It is not expensive wallet and maybe one of the cheapest on this list with very good specifications.

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Boshiho Men Walletbushih-money-clip-and-card-holder

This leather money clip comes from Boshiho and it is made from quality leather. This one, like most of the other on this list can hold many cards. Exactly number of card slots is 6, with additional small pocket. Dimensions are standard for this type of wallets about 4″ x 3″. It will perfectly fit to any of your pockets and you will not feel you are carrying it. It comes in 5 different colors what is great feature so everyone can find proper color for themselves, of course if they decide to buy it. You do not need to worry about quality because many customers are already happy and they recommend it. Because of that and nice design it is included in this list.

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Urban Tribe Secure Walleturban-tribe-money-cclip

In this article we tried to include different types of wallets. Now it is turn for one high-secure wallet that will successfully protect all of your data. Urban Tribe made one very interesting wallet that is combination of elegance and security. It is not only made from leather, it is also made by carbon fiber that is highly RFID secure. It is impossible to steal data from this wallet and it became popular among those people who wants high privacy. Except that design is one very important feature. Black color makes it elegant and stylish but still durable and quality. This money clip card holder has  very strong magnets and it is covered with nice smooth leather so it can successfully hold more than 20 bills. Price is little higher but you can grab deals on amazon and save your money.

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Distil Union Wally Bifolddistil-union-money-clip

This money clip currently is one of the most popular on the amazon. It is simply nice and very quality so it deserves to be one of the best on this list. Goal of Distil Union company is to simplify using of wallets and make it smaller but still same capacity. They did it very well and now you can store here up to 12 cards and even 30 bills. If you were looking for smaller wallet that can fit to your front pocket you probably found it here. Leather is flexible and thin and it gives this wallet space for cards and bills. Clip is metal and tight so you can fold it and unfold it ahundred times but it won’t be changed. It is available in 6 different colors. One of the uniqueness is NFC compatibility. It means you do not have to pull out your card to pay some bill, you can do it from your wallet. I like it a lot because when I am in rush I spend too much time to pull out card and pay.

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There are reviewed 9 leather money clip wallets that are in my opinion most attractive on the market. We put an effort to choose different types of wallets including: smaller, bigger, with card holder and without, cheap and expensive. We hope you can find one for your needs and even buy it. Wallet with money clips has many great features and we hope we present you all of them. If you have any questions or suggestions be free to comment and we will see what we can do.

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