Credit Card Holder and Wallets

Credit Card Wallets and Holders

Nowadays many different wallets are made in different sizes and of course with different purposes. Maybe you will need some wallet where you can store many cards but still it needs to be small and compact in the pocket. So in this article we are going to overview  some of the best credit card wallets and holders. We cannot choose the best or number one wallet because everyone has different style so we will choose different credit card holders that you might like and even buy. There will be different materials as well but main materials will be aluminum and leather.

Maybe you are wondering about the price but it will depend a lot of the card holder wallet itself. There will be maybe some more expensive but mostly they will be affordable so anyone can buy it. Great thing about these wallets is that manufacturer puts a lot of effort in building good wallet and almost every month there are some new innovations. We will put on this list those smaller brands that are often supported on the Kickstarter. We will talk about that later but now let’s check the list.


ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet

This list we will start with one of the best seller of this type of the wallets. That wallet is made by Roco and it is made of aluminum. It is very small and compatible credit card wallet that will perfectly fit to your pocket. Aluminum wallets need to be small or they won’t be comfortable to carry in the pants because it is hard material. Price is one of the reasons why we put it in the list and it is very affordable and cheap. Great thing is that it is not only card holder, also it has added elastic band where you can store your money. Although on the picture it has size a little bit bigger than the card it can store even 20 credit cards. Bulkiness depends on you, if you add more cards it will be thicker but if you add even 20 cards it won’t be too bulky. Maybe you are wondering if it is aluminum will it hurt when I sit on it? Answer is NO because it has curved corners and you will not even notice any differences. It has RFID blocking so your cards data is secured. If you like this type of the wallets you can check our list of the aluminum wallets as well.

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Genuine Kingston Viosi Leather Card Holder

Leather wallets are always good choice because it is most popular material for wallets. This leather card holder is from Viosi and it has several features that will probably interest you. First of them is very elegant design. In my opinion every wallet should be elegant or at least interesting design because that describe both men and women. Another great thing is slimness. Although it can store more than 10 cards easily it is slim and never gets bulky. It should be feature of every card holder wallet but some materials and designs cannot fit with that design so think up about new ideas to make their wallets easy to use. Currently this item is on sale and it is over 70% but without sale it still acceptable price. It has RFID blocking system so your card will be safe. You can buy it to yourself or gift it because it comes with luxury Viosi box. Three colors are available black, cognac and hunter and those colors are one of the most popular among the wallets.

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Bifold Hipster Lambskin Wallet

We want to add one bigger bifold wallet where you can easy and fast access to your cards so we choose this one. Because it is bifold card slots are settled horizontally and when its opened it is larger so manufacturers took advantage of it and put two really big cash departments which I found as great feature. Sheep leather gives elasticity and softness and it is nice to hold it. Totally it has 11 credit card slots which is in my opinion more than enough for regular user. Like previous wallets this one also has RFID security which is most common feature for this type of wallets. Take in considering that this wallet is a little bit bigger than normal wallets and most commonly it is carried in the bag or briefcase. It is available in 4 different colors and you surely can find one that fits to you. To summarize up, this wallet is great for those who wants to have easy access to his cards and IDs but it is bigger and it cannot be carried in the pockets except jacket pocket.

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Saddleback Indestructible Leather Card Holder/Wallet

When I was researching wallets for this article I found this wallet and in description it says it is INDESTRUCTIBLE. Can wallet really be indestructible or it is only the marketing trick? Well I did not believe in it also but when we read customer reviews I became more confident. One of the reasons why I believe it is as describe because it has even 100 years warranty. This is my first time to see something similar and have to put it on this list. It is made from special leather that allows this company Saddleback to give warranty as long as this. Let’s check the design. Design is interesting but it is not something special actually it looks like ordinary card holder. It is very small and fell great in the pocket, especially front pocket. There is not to many slots only three of them but each one can hold multiple cards so totally you can keep in it 12 cards. This kind of quality is rarely seen among every fashion accessories and this wallet is probably the most interesting on this list. It is available in three different colors.

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Alpine Swiss Secretary Leather Card Case

Secretary wallets has different purposes but main purposes is to hold cards and sometimes cash. Nowadays, cards almost completely replaced cash and in the future it will most likely continue. This credit card holder wallet is perfect for those who wants to easily keep their cards and access them easily pull them out. Alpine Swiss is very popular brand in this industry and their accessories are very quality and they are highly sold on Amazon. It can store even 23 cards which is so far the biggest amount on this list. Also, it has 2 additional cash departments. Design is one of the best things about this wallet for me. It is very elegant with soft black leather and it looks very luxury but price is affordable, especially now when it is on the sale. It is the list of the men’s wallets but actually it is unisex so women’s can use it as well. As every good secretary wallet has Rfid blocking so anyone cannot steal your cards data. I want to note that this wallet has great reviews and comments from customers.

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Chelsea Slim Card Holder

There is another great accessory from very popular brand Chelsea. Design is very interesting and it is one of the main features and advantages. Chelsea tried to simplify design as much as it is possible and they did it very well. There are two card slots on both sides and totally you can store 10 cards. Not only cards, you can put in it few folded bills if you need to. This kind of holders are great for people that rarely pull out their cards. In fact, if you use credit cards few times a day you will not need some quick access so this kind of design might fit you. There are even six different colors and you can surely find your favorite. It has Rfid protecting technology but it is build in one slot that can hold up to 5 cards. I want to note that this Rfid technology better than most of the previous wallets and it will completely fulfill the task of keeping your data safe.

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Huskk Ultra Slim Wallet

Actually this one has features of a normal wallet but it is credit card holder. Quality is very good especially because it is made from 100% smooth leather. Type is bifold but it is not classical bifold. When it is opened there are IDs department and small money clip. This money clip is not supposed for keeping many bills because it gets bulkier especially because you have to fold bill before you store it. So I do not recommend it for many bills but up to 10 it works perfectly. Credit cards are kept in the bifold slip pockets. Those slip pocket are not regular because they are opened outside so you can easily access to your cards and pull it out. Great advantage is in organizing the space. Huskk made great design and you can store your cards, cash and IDs in different departments and easily get to them. This brand is relatively new and it is not famous but they are on the way to become. Their wallets are very quality and how they say “Build to last long”. To summarize up, it is small, compatible, unique, well organized and high quality credit card wallet.

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Secrid Men Vintage Card Case

This list we fulfilled with the most used types of the credit card holders currently on the market. There are aluminum, bifold, minimalist, large, secretary and we added one very unique Secrid wallet. It is made from different materials including leather and aluminum. Leather is main material and aluminum is used only for card case. When it is folded it has small dimensions except of height which is bigger than usually but only for few millimeters. It can store even 18 cards and great thing about that is they cannot break. Sometimes when we sit rashly on our wallet which is often kept in the back pocket we can break credit cards. With this wallet it is not case anymore because of hard aluminum case that keeps cards not only from breaking but also stealing privacy and credit card numbers with RFID protection system. Although it aluminum case stores large amount of cards you can access them easily without opening the wallet only by pulling cards on the top. When it is opened it has a lot of space including 2 slip pockets for credit cards or banknotes and bills department. All materials are high quality and it is made very well so this wallet is in top 3 of this list.

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Have you found your new credit card wallet with help of this list? I hope you did. This type of the wallet is in my opinion very good for people that use many cards and they want to maintain them on the best way. As you may noticed there are two main types of the credit card holders one of them is small and compatible and other is bigger and thin. Both of these have their pros and cons. Small wallets are great for pockets especially front but accessing is a little bit harder while other larger wallets have well organized slots and accessing to the cards is very easy. My recommendation is if you use your cards a lot then you should go with large bifold holders otherwise small holders will be more than enough. Please be free to subscribe and recommend us some wallet that might be helpful to other visitors.

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