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5 Best Carbon Fiber Money Clips 2018

money clipAre you tired of using common wallets everyday?

If your answer is positive, then this post is just right for you.  Or if you just want to try something new   then read this post below.

Nowadays,  a lot of men prefer to use money clips wallets instead of common wallets. To those of you who don’t know what is money clip, we post photo on the right, so you can see what it’s  like.

There are some huge ADVANTAGES of this type of wallets and what we  like the most is their size and slimness. As you can check from the heading we will limit this post only for carbon fiber money clip. There are other types of wallets such as trifold wallets or passcase which you can check as well.

Carbon fiber is great material for accessories especially for wallets. Metal as material is firmer than most the other material but carbon fiber is a great opponent to any metal. It has almost all features of metal but it is more flexible, lighter than aluminum and even harder of steel.

In case you are not familiar with carbon fiber here are some of the basic information:

  • Carbon fiber is produced of carbon atoms. Main features are lightness and durability.
  • Some of the most durable parts and products are made from carbon fiber. For instance helicopter wings, helmets, armor, sports car…
  • For more  information in details you can check more  here.

Now, when you have overall image of this material you probably know why is it great material for money clips. So let’s check some of the best currently on the market.

NameImageCard SlotMaterialTypeBest Price
Front Pocket Carbon Fiber Money ClipFront pocket carbon fiber money clip15+Carbon & LeatherMoney ClipCHECK PRICE NOW!
Secure Urban Tribe Clip WalletUrban Tribe money clip5Carbon & LeatherMoney ClipCHECK PRICE NOW!
Billetus Carbon Fiber RFID Money ClipBilletus Carbon Fiber6+Carbon & CanvasMoney ClipCHECK PRICE NOW!
Band Carbon Fiber WalletBand Carbon Fiber money clip15Carbon & BandMoney ClipCHECK PRICE NOW!
Carbon Fiber Wallet with Card Holder5CarbonMoney ClipCHECK PRICE NOW!

Front Pocket Carbon Fiber Money Clip

In case you would like to try carbon fiber but you are skeptic and you want some classic design then this wallet is  intended for Front pocket carbon fiber money clipyou. Its design is very simple but it has everything what one money clip should have.

This carbon fiber wallet comes with 3 card slots, 1 ID display window, 1 change pocket and 1 strong magnetic money clip. That’s  5 card slots in total, in which could be stored more than 15 cards.  It is great choice for even the most demanding customers. To point out, this wallet has very powerful magnetism, it has 4 magnets while others usually have 2 magnets. These strong magnets will successfully keep MORE than 25 bills without any problems such as falling or ripping the money.

In my opinion great thing is leather on the edges. Leather will make this money clip very comfortable in your pocket.  Carbon fiber might be very comfortable without leather but it has to be very carefully prepared.

As you can see from the name of the wallet it fits best in the front pocket. This is one great thing because you will be more secure from being robbed. And when we talk about safeness, we need to mention another great thing about this wallet. It has RFID protection as well. So, you can stop worrying about your private information being stolen with electronic signal from someone.

If you are suspicious  and think that the magnet will demagnitize your credit card or something similar,  we say that there’s no need for worrying.  A lot of customer who have bought this,  said that they have never had any problem with this.

OVER 1500 customer reviews on amazon prove  top quality of carbon  fiber money clip wallet.

If you are looking for small front pocket wallet, simple design with  top quality and RFID Protection, thereat very cheap price, we recommend you this wallet. Carbon Fiber money clip wallet is trusted by hundreds of customers, so what do you wait for?
See the price


Secure Urban Tribe Clip Wallet

This wallet by Urban Tribe is one of my favorite men wallets. On one hand it is great because it is minimalist and save spaceUrban Tribe money clip and on the other hand it is good because of very quality materials. It is not 100% carbon fiber product yet it has some leather on the edges and on the clip where is logo embossed.

To shorty explain this wallet, we can say that it’s minimalistic, slim, functional and safe with unique design. It holds up to 15 bills and 5 cards, also it’s very lightweight. Almost perfect if you want to reduce your daily carrying bills.

Urban Tribe products come in special gift box so if you are wondering what to buy for your dear person here is the answer. This wallet will surely last you for long because of durability of carbon fiber. Although leather wallets are one of the most stylish and elegant this money clip can compete with any of them. We mustn’t  forget that there is RFID protection for your card so it is one of the many advantages of Urban Tribe money clip.

If you don’t like your old bulky wallet and want something slimmer that also looks classy, but it is at the same time super strong and very durable, best choice is this one.
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Billetus Carbon Fiber RFID Money Clip

In case you like unique accessories then this money clip may interest you. Its biggest uniqueness is triangle shape of the clip. Billetus Carbon FiberOn the first looking it seems like it is only money clip without any storage for card but there is middle pocket where can be stored several cards.

Great thing about this wallet is that can hold EVEN 50 bills. It is really huge amount of money and most of the wallets cannot even closely store this number of bills. The  cardholder pocket is removable so if you have needs only for cash you can easily remove it or if you need cards you can attach it.

Because of the curved shape it feels very comfortable even in the tight jeans. Customers are more than satisfied so if you are wondering about quality or functionality I recommend you to read reviews.

Do you want to try the lightest, thinnest wallet possible? This one is just what you searched for. With its small dimension it will perfectly fit in any of your pockets.
See the price


Band Carbon Fiber Wallet

Nowadays, band money clips and wallets become very popular and some of these type of the wallets are the best sellers. This band Band Carbon Fiber money clipwallet is made out of carbon fiber so it can easily protect and hold your card and money as well.

Design is very interesting and unique because many card holders have hard card access. But this wallet comes with  two cuts on each side you can easily push card and get access to them. This band wallet cah hold up to 15 cards, which is more than enough for everyone.

Beside of functionality this design looks very stylish and interesting. Carbon fiber money clips are usually in one color but if you like multi color wallets then you can change bands that come in 4 different colors. Price is also affordable which makes it the most affordable wallet on this list.

With its unique design and very good carbon fiber quality, this wallet is close to what’s called perfect. Simple to use, you’ll never again be stuck while trying to acces your cards. With designer quality packacking, it makes interesting and great present to your dear person.
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Carbon Fiber Wallet with Card Holder

We will finish this article with one very interesting combination of key chain and wallet made of carbon fiber. Design of the money clip is similar to second wallet. It has minimalist look with few credit card slots and money clip coated with leather. Most unique thing is the color of the carbon fiber. We also need to mention that it’s not pure carbon fiber, it has 20%  genuine leather.

If you may noticed colors of previous wallets were mostly grey and black but this one is slightly different because it is a combination of black and camo color. Clip will successfully hold a lot of cash because it has built-in strong magnet. Almost all the money clips from this list are RFID secure as well as this.

As I said there is also key chain that is made from very flexible carbon fiber so it will be great combination with wallet. As you can see from imabe above, this product comes with very well designed box and it makes it just perfect gift for every men.  Keychain whic comes as add-on with wallet will perfectly suits the key of your car. So, you get two excellent product made of carbon fiber for extra price.

This two in one product will be just perfect gift to almost every man. It’s great for those who don’t like huge wallet in their pockets and want something different.
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There is another list made specifically for you. Carbon fiber money clips are not too popular type of the wallets but in my opinion they are very quality accessories. Some of them as you probably noticed looks very cool and they can be worn with different clothes.

Some of the main characteristic of carbon fiber wallets are that almost all of these  are RFID protective, very slim and front-pocket which makes them more secure from pickpocketing. They are very durable thanks to carbon fiber and very minimalistic but still can carry a lot of bills and credit cards.

If you don’t like traditional wallets and like to try different types of wallets, we recommend you to read our post about aluminium wallets where we talked about best aluminiom wallets. However, if you just don’t want to leave classic wallets, check our post about trifold wallets.

Hit us up in the comment with suggestions and your favorite pick.


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