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Tommy Hilfiger Wallets

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most popular brands in the fashion. This company successfully produce fashion accessories for men and women over 30 years. Their products are high quality, durable and well known all over the world. In this article we will write about Tommy Hilfiger wallets.

Those wallets are one of the best sellers in USA. Main reason for that is surely good quality and awesome design but in my opinion price is very attractive as well. Yes, they are more expensive than ordinary wallets but quality is much better. Price is in range of 20 to 60 dollars but for 20 dollars you can buy really good wallet that will last you long.

This company produces mainly bifold wallets and they are most popular. But in this article we will maybe include money clip or trifold wallet. Almost every wallet is leather, these wallets are prepared very carefully and protected really well with different leather maintaining cleaners that keep moisture.

Design is one of the best things about every Tommy Hilfiger product. It is always unique, luxury and practical. Discover out the best Tommy Hilfiger mens wallet and check out is it right brand for you.


Leather Ranger Passcase by Tommy Hilfiger

Our list begins with Tommy Hilfiger best seller. It is one of the most popular wallets on the market. Design is very interesting especially with bold line through the middle. Cowhide leather will surely last long and it will not be damaged no matter how you carry it.

Also, it is soft wallet so it will perfectly fit in your pocket. Very cool thing with this wallet is passcase that allows you easy access to ID documents without pulling them out. It can store 6 cards which is in my opinion enough for regular user. 4 different colors allows almost every man to find their favorite but brown and black looks really attractive.

If you often use coins then you should know this wallet does not have any coins compartment. There are pros and cons for coins compartment but I will not write about them because you should choose what type of the wallet you want. As we said those wallets are maybe more expensive than ordinary but this is around 20 bucks which is affordable for branded wallet.

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Genuine Soft Leather Wallet

If you are looking for simple design quality leather wallet then this might be your Soft leather walletchoice. Bifold wallets are always interesting but sometimes they are too bulky for someone and they cannot carry it comfortably.

This one is different from most of the wallet because it is very slim and you can keep it in your front or back pocket. It is 100% Nappa Leather. Nappa Leather is term for every soft leather and it can be made from different animal leathers as long as they are soft. Soft leather wallets are very compatible and practical and they are very durable. When the leather is hard it can crack very soon and your wallet will be ruined.

This wallet has 4 card holders 2 of them are on the front side and two of them are as a slip pockets. Furthermore, it has one bill compartment and of course easy access ID document compartment. Oxford design gives him simple but very useful design. Order it in 2 different colors if you want.

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Exeter Passcase Bifold Wallet

In case you do not like typically one color leather wallets we found one very interesting wallet for you. It is a little bit different from previous wallets and our goal is to present different wallets for different styles.

Materials are mixed and it is made from 70 % leather and 30% of cotton. Cotton is only on the outside and leather is all over inside and a little bit on the front side of the wallet. It is multi color wallet and great for those who wants to be ordinary but still have very quality accessory.

It comes in two different colors khaki and black and both of them looks good. Khaki is more noticeable and it is up to you what kind of wallets you like. More than 4 cards can be stores and 2 ID documents in pass case compartment. It is bigger wallet so you can put in it a lot of cash. Great choice for those who usually wear casual clothes.

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Tommy Hilfiger Men Trifold

Trifold wallets has many pros but main is in large capacity and many compartments for different stuff. Trifold wallets are recommended for those people who have many cards, IDs, cash and papers to be carried. This one is made from 100% cowhide leather.

As it is trifold it is a little bit bulky and you will probably need to carry it in your jacket or some other deep pocket if you do not like to have full pocket. Although, it is trifold it is not to big and it is smaller than many bifold wallets. It has over 8 credit cards holders and slip pockets.

One of the best things are ID windows where you can hold some important papers as well. Available colors are black, brown and tan and you cannot go wrong with any of them because they look very cool and luxury. Logo is stitched on the bottom and it fits very nicely and stylish. This is one of the best seller trifold wallets and I think it is one of the better wallet on the market but yet very affordable, about 20 bucks.

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Jerome Double Billfold Wallet

For every man who likes classic brown leather wallets this one can be right choice. It is bifold wallet without closure and its dimensions are pretty much same as on every bifold wallet (4.25 x 3.5). Material used for manufacturing is only leather and it is a little bit harder inside of the wallet.

It is good thing because sometimes credit cards can destroy wallet especially if you carry it in the back pocket. I recommend this wallet for people who brings only cash and credit cards. This wallet does not have coin compartment or classic ID compartment. Classic ID compartment is compartment with ID window but IDs are same dimensions as credit cards so it will fit in any of slots.

This wallet is very stylish especially when it is opened because of high quality brown leather. Logo is stitched in the right bottom corner and it is not too striking. There are two cover colors chocolate and oxblood but inside of the wallet is always brown. This is great wallet with reasonable price.

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Sheepskin Secretary Wallet

Secretary wallet are very useful when you have many cards and documents to keep. It has more than 10 credit card spaces and ID compartment which is enough for almost every user.

Material is the 100% sheep leather. Sheep leather is one of the best because it gives softness and durability. It is used for Nappa leather as well and all of that approve quality of this kind of leather. Dimensions are 8″ x 5″ so you will probably need to keep it in jacket, bag or hand.

If you decide to keep it in jacket which is most commonly you will not even feel it because it is very slim. Logo is stitched in the bottom and there are two logo prints inside the wallet. Money compartment allows you to keep any type of the dollar bills. In case you are from the different country compare your bills to dollars and then buy it if you want. The most important thing is that this wallet is very stylish and elegant yet very practical and useful.

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Melton Pass Case Tommy Hilfiger Wallet

This wallet is very interesting and it is probably the best quality on this list. It is made by high quality 100% cowhide  leather which is protected with different sprays and colors. All of it effected on the price so price of this wallet is higher from previous ones.

Dimensions are standard to bifold wallet. Wallet is available in only one color, brown with two different shades. Every piece of this wallet is carefully stitched so credit cards or IDs cannot damage it. Because it is pass case wallet access to your IDs will be really easy. One very good thing about this wallet is removable card case.

You have classic 6 slots for credit cards but if you are using more cards in some case you can easily add additional card case. Logo of this wallet is unique and it is different from classic Tommy Hilfiger wallets for men. It is metal with serial number bonded in the bottom right corner. In my opinion this wallet is the best on this list and if you can afford it and of course you like it, I recommend you to buy it.

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Luxury Soft Leather Wallet

Almost every previous wallet was affordable and under 25 bucks. Now we decided to take one luxury with very good design that will look good with every piece of clothes. It is made by 100% genuine soft leather that will perfectly fit to every pocket.

Design is very simple but it looks very luxury and unique. Only color available is black and in my opinion any other color would not fit as good as black. When wallet is opened there is also blue color which made this wallet unique and very fashionable.

There are 6 slots for credit cards or ID documents and of course compartment for bills. Wallet is very slim and it does not take too much space in pocket nor bag. A little logo is bonded on the front side and there is engraved one inside of the wallet. This wallet is perfect gift for every man and you cannot go wrong with it because it will last for a long time and what is more important it will be very stylish for every man.

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Cambridge Passcase Wallet

There is another interesting wallet that is commonly sold. It is bifold wallet made from very quality cowhide leather. Price is one of the most attractive things about this wallet and it is very cheap. Surely most attractive and interesting feature is design.

Design is very simple and clean with nice logo stitched in the bottom. It is stitched on the front side and it will keep your bills against ripping. This wallet comes in two pieces. First of them is wallet itself and second piece is removable card case that can be easily attached if you have need for additional card slots.

Without card case is 5 credit card slots which seems enough for regular person. In my opinion, this is the best cheap Tommy Hilfiger wallet currently on the market. That is only my opinion and every person has different fashion look so you should choose what you like. Three different colors are available and every of them looks very stylish.

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Oxford Zip Around Wallet

Most of these wallets are bifold and we want to fulfill this list with one zip around wallet. We took this one because it has everything what one zip around wallet need. It is made from high quality sheep leather and we already wrote about quality of this leather.

There are few credit card slots, one ID slot and bills compartment. Dimensions are 4.75″ X 3.25″ which is not big for this type of the wallets. Although it is zip around it is slim so you can easily keep it in jacket pocket or in the trousers pocket. Black color is inside of the wallet and on front surface. I like this wallet because it will prevent cards to slip out which can be very helpful to some people. Customers said that leather of this wallet is very soft and comfortable and represent its main feature.

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Well we present you some of the best Tommy Hilfiger wallets for men and we hope you will like at least one of them. Tommy Hilfiger as a brand is very famous and their products are well known for design and quality. Most of these wallets are made by very soft leather that will last you long and feel comfortable in the pocket.

Another great thing about these wallets is price. There are some more expensive but most of them are around 25 bucks which is in my opinion very affordable for brand wallet. Furthermore, these wallets are great as a gift for every men. It will always remind them on you and be one of their best fashion accessories. Every wallet comes in special box so gift will be even more interesting.

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