Timberland wallets

Timberland Wallets

Timberland is very popular brands in producing different fashion accessories. Their story started in 1918 when they mainly produced their famous boots and other footwear. As brand was growing they expanded their manufacturing and today they are very popular in producing different accessories including the wallets. Their wallets are usually made from 100% leather. Most commonly used leather is brown or tan and it is kind of their symbol. As you may noticed their most popular shoes are brown. It does not mean they are producing only brown wallets, there are different colors and every of those colors are carefully selected to fit design.

Price of Timberland wallets is not too high and it is one of the most affordable wallet brands. Prices are in range 15 bucks up to 50. 15 bucks is usually on the sale and lowest normal price is under 25 bucks. When you take in considering that non branded wallets are approximately 10 bucks you can see why is it affordable. Different types of wallets are available including bifold, trifold, coin case, money clips and long wallets. We will try to cover as many wallets as we can in this list but most of them will be bifold. All of these wallets have quality leather. It is not too soft nor hard it is just in middle but we will explain it in details for every wallet.


Blix Slimfold Wallet

We will begin this list with classic bifold wallet with affordable price. It is classical Timberland blix slimfold walletwallet from Timberland made with very quality materials. It is 50 % of leather and other 50 % of materials are textile lining but from every side including inside of the wallet is the leather. Great thing about this wallet is that is slimfold. It means you will not carry bulky wallet but you will not have coins pocket. Usually branded wallets do not have coin pocket and they are made for holding cash and cards. With removing coin pocket they get on the space and wallets are much slimmer. Timberland made very good job with this wallet and it will perfect fit to every pocket including pants front and back pockets because it is very small and slim. There are four available credit card slots and one ID and two additional slip pockets. Two colors are available black and brown and both of them looks very good and you cannot go wrong with any of these colors.

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Blix Trifold Slim Timberland Wallet

For everyone who is looking for more space in the wallet right choice might be one of the Timberland trifold wallet slimtrifold wallets. This Timberland trifold wallet is everything what you can expect from trifolds. It has a lot of space but still its dimensions are not too big 4″ x 3″. These dimensions allow you to carry your wallet in different pockets without taking too much space. Material is 100 % soft leather that is easy to maintain and clean. You can store in it 7 credit cards, 2 or 3 IDs and different cards or paper in slip pockets. Timberland logo is stitched in the right bottom corner and it is not to striking. Three different colors are available including brown, black and dark brown. As every Timberland wallet this one is not to big approximately size of the smaller smartphone. It is very cheap and a little bit more expensive than non brand wallets but quality is much better so I think it is one of the best cheap trifold wallets on the market.

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Baseline Canvas Wallet with Passcase

Different men have different styles and those styles can be noticed in the choosing Canvas Wallet from Timberlandof the wallet as well. Some of them likes leather wallets, bifold, money clips and so on. On the other hand some of the men likes to have simple canvas wallet but still very durable and quality. If you are one of them then you should check this wallet. It is available only in khaki style and it is some kind of the Timberland color. Design is similar to other wallets from this company with additional removable passcase holder. Without this passcase it possesses 4 credit card slots and one ID window. If you have need for more space you can always put removable passcase and store few more cards in it. Material is mixed between leather and canvas but canvas is about 75 %. Great thing is that wallet is quilted all over every corner which makes it even more durable. Surely, the best thing price which is a little bit more than 15 bucks. Price is probably lower because of canvas material so if you are fan of the canvas wallet this is great news for you.

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Sportz Quad Bifold Wallet

This wallet is great for those who likes stronger and harder wallets. Also, creditquad sportz wallet by Timberland card and ID slots are bigger than other wallets. Design is very interesting and it will surely attract many men because of colors and interesting linings. Colors available are brown and burgundy, they are almost same only difference is in shades where brown is brighter. Uniqueness is stitched lines in the middle of the wallet and on the corners. Leather is not actually real, it is faux. You will barely see any difference between this leather and other real leathers in this price range. Capacity is same as other wallets, 4 cards slots and one ID windows. In my opinion, one of the main features is big space for cash. You can store different types of the bills including big ones because dimensions are 3.5″ x 4.5″. As other wallets from this brand this one is also very slim and you can keep it easily in the pocket.

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Timberland Men Hunter Trifold Wallet

This trifold wallets is similar to the second wallet on this list. Main difference is in color and the leather. Only one color is available and it is brown. It is not brown like at other wallets on this list, it is much brighter. Leather is 100% but it is specifically designed to be smooth. Smooth leather is only on the outsides of the wallet. This type of the leather is unique for Timberland products and it is almost same as on the boots. Inside of the wallet is classic leather. Logo is marked in the bottom and wallet is quilted all over the corners so it will prevent wallet from possible damages. If you are looking for bright brown color then this wallet is good option. Timberland wallets are widely popular with this color and it is their symbol over 70 years. There are even 7 cards slots and one ID window which is great for those men who are looking for lot of space.

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Timberland Flip Money Clip

Money clips are infallible part of every wallet list. But this wallet is not ordinary money clip, it is actually one kind of  bifold money clip, called flip-clip by Timberland. This is very interesting wallet because it has size of the classic money clip but it has a lot of space. You can store 3 cards in the front card holders, ID and anything you want in 2 additional slip pockets. Wallet is stitched over every corner and it has 2 logos stamped on both sides. Material is 100% leather available in two colors black and brown. Leather is characteristic for Timberland products it is very smooth, durable and what is most important stylish. If you like to have quick access to the money and cards then you can go with this wallet. It perfectly fit to front pocket and it is very comfortable to keep it as well. Price is pretty much same as previous wallets, affordable and even under 20 bucks.

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Cavalieri Ziparound Wallet

This Cavalieri ziparound wallet is great for men who wants to keep their cash and cards 100% safe. Actually, every wallet isCavalieri Ziparound Timberland Wallet safe but if you do not care for it sometimes your cash, cards or documents can fall out. If you are worrying about that or you simply want ziparound wallet then I recommend you to take closer look to this one. Material used is 100% leather which is very soft and durable so it can last you long. It is not big as well, dimensions are same as classic bifold wallet but this is a little bit more bulky. There are not too many slots, only 2 for credit cards, cash department and one ID window. You can store cards in slip pockets but access to them is a little bit harder than these classic card slots. Zip is very quality and it will not break as it is case for cheap ziparound wallets. Two different colors are available black and brown and both of them fits good for this design.

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Rfid Blocking Passcase Wallet

This wallet is one of the most expensive on this list but also the best. It has many features that will fulfill your every need and expectation from one wallet. First of all it is rfid blocking so your credit cards data cannot be stolen or hurt on any way. Other great feature is removable passcase in case you do not have enough space without it. Furthermore leather is very quality and it is made with goal to last long and be comfortable in pocket. Wallet is slim so you can easily keep it in your back pocket. With passcase you have actually 2 ID windows so you can separately keep IDs with instant access. This wallet is very stylish in my opinion, its color is brown but it has different shades that makes it unique and cool as well. Regular price is about 50 bucks but if you get lucky you can find it on the sale so you can get it in half price. If you are looking for wallet that is secure, durable and still very stylish you can go with this one.

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Tan Wallet with Key Fob

This list we will finish with bifold wallet. It is tan color wallet with very slim design and a lot of capacity for your cards, cash and documents. Another great feature is key fob that allows you to put different type of keys, USB or whatever you want. So you will actually get everything you need to for pockets and all of that is made by very durable leather. This wallet is great for those who likes to wear casual clothes and it will absolutely fit to them especially jeans. On the other hand it is not elegant and you should not combine it with black or other dark color clothes. It has a standard slots 4 credit card holders, ID window and large cash department that can store different type of the bills. Logo is stamped outside and inside of the wallet and it is not too striking which I found as feature. It is stitched all over middle and it is very stylish and has interesting design. It fits great for back pocket of the pants which is feature of almost every Timberland wallet.

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We reviewed some of the best Timberland wallets and generally we think this brand is great for accessories at all. This brand has many affordable wallets and it makes it great for the gift as well. Most of them comes with box so you can surprise someone. Price is often under 20 bucks and it makes these wallets cheap branded wallets Feature of those wallets is slim. They are very slim and they will not take too much space wherever you put it. They are usually kept in the back pocket of the pants so they do not have coin department. Also, there are different colors of these wallets but brown and black are dominating. If you are wearing casual clothes then this brand is right for you because brown color is probably the best for this type of the clothes. Also, if you wear elegant and darker clothes there are some models that can be interesting to you. If you cannot find wallet from Timberland I recommend you to check Tommy Hilfiger wallets.

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