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Buxton Wallets Choice for Every Women

So far we mostly reviewed and made lists of men wallets and brands. Today we will focus on women wallets from brand called Buxton. Well this brand is not name like Polo Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger but it is very popular on amazon and Buxton wallets sells very well. So far they are producing only leather goods with focus on bags and wallets. In my opinion they gain popularity because of price-quality ratio. Most of their products are very cheap and this brand belongs to category of affordable wallets. In most of the cases price is somewhere between 20-30 bucks but it depends of model as well.Buxton is mostly using the cowhide leather because it is very cheap and allows them to lower their price as much as it is possible. Although, they are cheaper quality is surprisingly high and you can check it in the customer reviews of each wallet that we will review so let’s start.


Buxton Heiress Organizer Clutch

We will open this list with women favorite type of the wallets, long with clutch closure. Because of the customer reviews andbuxton Heiress Organizer Clutch Wallet availability this wallet is currently one of the bestsellers not only for Buxton brand yet whole market. It is made from 100% genuine leather and it is available in 16 different colors. Dimensions are pretty much the same as the every long clutch wallet with 4″ high and 7.5″ wide. My favorite thing about this wallet is very soft leather that you can check out in pictures. It looks like Napa leather but actually it is cowhide leather very carefully prepared and protected. There is plenty of space for almost every thing you wish to put in the wallet and there will not be problems for even the most demanding customers. Nice detail that fulfills design is small coin pouch attached to the wallet itself.

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Heiress Double Cardex Wallet

If you like small wallets that can store cards and some cash than this one might interest you. Materials used for manufacturing Double Cardex Wallet by Buxtonare the same as the previous wallet and only thing that you need to know is that this wallet is very quality. I would describe this model as vintage yet very modern that fits in different occasions elegant, business or every day use. Dimension are 4″ x 5.25″ so it saves space in the pocket or bag and feels nice and compact in the hand. Different colors are available but I am impressed with this color on the picture. Because of its dimensions you will be missing huge space for mobile or some bigger things but with 5 different pockets, almost 20 card slots, coin pouch, cash department you will be able to store pretty much everything what should be stored in wallet.

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Cardex Wallet by Buxton

This wallet is similar to previous one because its main feature is to hold larger amount of credit cards. Design is really Cardex wallet with coin pouchimpressive and one of the most significant things about Buxton wallets is coin pocket. Most of the wallets, especially credit card organizers do not have any coin pocket so this is in my opinion great feature. There are plenty of space for almost anything you can put in the wallet. On the left side is 1 ID window and 3 credit card slots, on the right side are plastic card holders and they allow you to store over 10 cards. Like previous wallets this is also available in multiple colors.

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French Purse Wallet

Every women like some special fashion accessories and accessories that will make her remarkable. If you are one of them then French Purse Walletyou might be interested in this very interesting wallet. It is small purse with dimensions 3.5″ x 4.75″. Because of dimension there is not plenty space for too many “wallet things” but anyway you can store 4 credit cards in main section and 6 in plastic holder. There is also separated ID window and cash compartment as well. Every purse wallet should have coin pocket because of its design like this model. It is made by genuine leather and wallet itself is very quality so it can last you very long. I recommend it for every women that is looking for very small wallet that can still hold a lot of things.

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Buxton Croco Super Wallet

This wallet is one of my favorite from this list. Design is different from most of the Buxton wallets and it is similar to crocodile wallets except it is cheaper a lot. Dimensions are 8.25″ x 4.75″ so it is bigger wallet with many slots for cards, money, papers, etc. The best feature in my opinion is removable checkbook. If you need to store more than 15 cards you can easily attach the checkbook or you can use it separately. In case you do not need that space you can use wallet without checkbook. This is maybe the most elegant wallet in this list and it is great choice because it can be used for everyday use or with elegant clothes. Logo is engraved on the snap button closure. Customers have great experience with this wallet and similar wallets from this brand.

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Buxton Hudson Wizard Zip Around

Every women sometimes needs small wallet and it does not have to be too stylish. When you go to shopping or walking zip Hudson Wizar PickMeUparound wallets are the best. They are small so they fit nicely in the hand or if you are carrying bag it will save you space. This wallet has all of these features and the best thing about it is the price. Price is around 10 bucks and it is ultra cheap for one branded wallet. Maybe you are wondering is quality good for such a low price. Yes, it is because it is made by natural milled leather so it will surely last you long. There are two separated zip closures. First is intended for bills or coins and other one for credit cards or bills. Another great thing is ID window on the back of the wallet. It is separated from the closures so you do not have to open wallet every time when you need IDs.

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Heiress Leather Zip Purse

Minimalist wallets are very popular these days but they are mostly popular among the men. Their task is to be small and still Leather Zip Pursehold enough cards and cash. Well, there is minimalist wallet for women that will save your space and be compact no matter how you are carrying it. Wallet has zip closure and button closure as well. Zip closure is on the back side of the wallet where is a small pocket and ID window. On the front surface is a plenty of space for credit cards and cash as well. Although it is very small it can hold more than 15 cards and that is main feature for every Buxton wallet. It is available in 12 different colors so any women can find her favorite.

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Convertible Billfold by Buxton

Women bifold wallets are not popular as men but sometimes they can be very effective and helpful in different occasions. Convertible Billfold PasscaseWomen are usually buying bigger wallets but they can be uncomfortable to carry and they use a lot of space so you can very hard find women wallets that fits in the pocket. If you need some of these features check out this wallet. Dimensions are standard for bifold wallet 4.5″ x 3.5″. There are some zip around wallets with these dimensions but there is no way to put it into the pocket. This model is small and slim but it has a lot of space. Usually there is space for cash, coins and few credit card but the thing is in removable passcase. If you need more space you can easily attach that passcase and store over the 10 cards and IDs. Another great thing is that this passcase can be carried separated so your wallet will be even smaller, of course there can be stored only IDs and credit cards.

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Hailey Super Wallet

If you like smooth leather than this wallet is for you. It is classic women long wallet so it means it has bigger space. There are Hailey Super Walletzip closure and snap closure as well. When you open the zip closure you can put coins, some smaller accessories like keys and cash. Snap closure is intended mostly for cards and IDs and there are more than 14 card slots. Beside classic pockets there are plenty of slip pockets so you do not need to worry about space. As you can see from the picture it is both elegant and casual wallet so it can be used however you want. Also, there are different colors so you can combine it with different types of clothes. The best thing about this wallet is price which is very low and you will rarely find brand wallets for this money.

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Nile Exotic Medium Zip Around

We will close this list with very affordable wallet with exotic look. Unlike all of the previous wallet this one is not made from Nile exotic zip aroundgenuine leather yet PU leather. Because of it price is much cheaper. Main reason why is not used genuine leather is because of the design. It is almost impossible to make this lining and smooth leather with cowhide or napa leather. Maybe it could be possible with some exotic leather such as crocodile leather but Buxton is not known for making the expensive accessories yet very affordable. This one is good wallet with small dimensions and it has very elegant design. There is not too many space as previous models. There are 6 credit card slots, 4 slip pockets, ID window, coin pocket and of course bill compartment. In my opinion this wallet is great ratio of quality and price.

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There you have great list of wallets with very affordable price. Buxton wallets are on the market over 100 years so it is one of the reasons why to trust this brand. To be honest this brand is not well known but in the fashion world but in the wallet world they are one of the most popular brands and you can see it from the customer reviews. Each of these wallets are good and they can be great for every women. Choose your favorite and buy it.

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