Types of Wallets

Are you wondering what types of wallets are available today and what are their features? Nowadays, there are different wallets and we will in this post try to simplify as much as we can their usage and some of their bad or negative sides. Before that we need to point out that there are wallets for men and wallets for women. They do not necessary need to be the same for both. For instance men bifolds are smaller, usually do not have any kind of closure while women bifolds are not so popular among them, they are bulkier and they can be hardly stored in the pocket. We will later in the post describe all of the features of each type so read carefully.

Trifold wallets

Those wallets are equally popular among women and men. They are usually choice for people who wants more space and well organization.

First, we will discuss about men trifolds. Most of the men store their wallets in their pocket so manufacturers cannot make some larger models that can have even more space. Men trifold is in most of the cases made from soft leather and when it is opened there are many space. On the left side or in the middle is located larger window ID where you can put about 2-3 IDs. Beside IDs there are additional 2 credit card slots. There are 2 more “folds” and each of them can store 3-4 credit card(it depends from model to model). Good features about trifolds is that they can store pretty large amount of money and there are up to 3 cash-bills departments. Although, they are trifolds they are not to huge but the can be bulky sometimes so these wallets are often kept in the jacket, bag and sometimes in the jeans if they fit.

Women trifold wallets are not same as men because they are often equated as long wallets. Well, it is true that long wallets usually have 3 different departments but it will be easier to find those wallets as long. Anyway, there are some “real” trifolds and their dimensions are not to big somewhere about 4.5″ x 3.75″. Some models can be kept in the pockets but some of them cannot because they are too bulky. Sometimes these wallets has large amount of credit card slots, IDs and huge money departments. Also, there are coin pocket which gives additional bulkiness.

Bifold wallets

Those wallets are probably the most popular popular mens wallet types and that is because they have great dimensions and enough space for regular user. Most of the guys usually needs space for few credit cards, ID and cash and there comes bifold wallets. They have great design and most of them fits to any pocket but they are used usually in the back pocket. There are also  two different types of these wallets as well. First type is with more credit card slots, when the wallet is opened there are card slots on both sides. Second type is bifolds with coins, they have less credit card slots 4 in most of the cases and coin pocket as well.

Bifold for women are probably the smallest type of the wallets that can be found for them. Although, there are very small dimensions wallets, also there are some bigger. Unique feature for all of them is slimness. When wallet is slim you can use it however you want and it will be lightweight. Smaller types of these wallets are similar to men and they have almost same characteristics but for those with larger dimension story is completely different. Larger women bifolds are recommended to use with elegant clothes like dresses. They are usually held in the hand and they are one kind of fashion accessory. Great thing is that you can put your phone in them. If you would like to discover those wallets I recommend you to check our homepage or women section.

Money Clips

Money clips are only men wallet type and they are available in two different designs. First of them is classic money clip where you only have clip that holds money and nothing else. There are great for pockets and easy access to your money bills. On the other hand there are money clips with additional card slots. Mostly there are only 2 or 3 card or IDs slots on one side and on the other side is the money clip. As first design the second one can also store large amounts of wallets. They are wallets to go for every man that is looking for small and slim wallet. Money clips are made from different materials but leather is dominating. Beside the leather, very popular material is metal (carbon or aluminum) for classic money clip.

Clutch Wallets

Wallets with clutch are very popular womens wallet type and there are different types of categories of them. For instance trifold wallet can be clutch wallet as long as they have some kind of the closure. That closure can be zip, button, magnet and so on. Great thing about these wallets is that they safely hold your documents and there are minimal chances to lost anything. Some wallets have few clutches and they are well organized so you have very fast access to most used cards. Different clutch wallets are available and literally you can find them in any imagined design and shape.

Checkbook and Secretary Wallets

Those wallets are pretty much same and their purpose is identical. They are used for good organization of credit cards which is
main purpose but they have cash department and ID window as well. There is not any bigger difference between men and women models and sometimes they are unisex. Leather is main material and every checkbook or secretary wallet that I have seen is made of leather. They are usually carried in the jacket, bag or briefcase. Although, they are almost same for men and women sometimes you can find models with unique colors and they are mostly used by women.


There are some of the most popular mens wallet types and women wallet types and I hope you can find out which type of the wallet is for you. Once you decide which type of the wallet you want you can check our men or women category and find lists of most of these wallets.

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