INFOGRAPHIC: A brief history of fashion brands


Are you interested in history and development of some most popular fashion brands?

Do you want to check when they are established and what kind of clothes and accessories they produce?

Check out our infographic and see how well you know brands.

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Advantages of popular brands in fashion?

Fashion brands are always popular and their quality is far better than some non branded. For instance some products from these brands are made over 30 days and there are designers that have been working for over 6 months for only one design of some bag, dress or wallet. Furthermore, most quality pieces of material are used by these brands and their durability is something that you cannot see from other brands.

Many of these brands are Italian and Italy is capital country of fashion since fashion begin with developing. Their brands has something special and it is mostly in design and elegance. They use mostly dark colors that perfectly fits to elegant clothes.

Brand defines your style and you as a person. There are some authentic brands which are often used by younger people, elder, those who likes casual, those who likes luxury and so on. Everyone can find brand to himself or herself. Check out our brand category and try to find your favorite brand wallets. We will be adding more and more brands as soon as we can. If you are interested in even more wallets check out our homepage.

We could not add all of the brands and surely some of them are missing but we tried to cover as much as we can and most popular ones. We could probably cover up every brands from some specific fashion category but we want to do it for all. We hope you will like it and if you want to put this infographic on your website contact us and we will provide you further and detail information how to do it.

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